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Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
For the Release of Psycho-Physiological Manifestations of Stress
Questions & Answers
How does the Medical Resonance
Therapy Music® function?
It is based on the principle of resonance, which means: the precise harmony contained in this particular musical structure resonates inside the organism, from the ears to the brain and from the brain to the various organs.
The harmony inside the music stimulates the re-setting of the biological order and it harmonizes and regenerates the whole body, bringing it gradually towards regeneration. In this way it also becomes an important tool for prevention.
How is the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® used?
For every different disease there is a listening plan structured after many years of scientific medical research which have demonstrated the positive effects of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. Every cd inside the cover describes the various listening plans which may be chosen according to the needs. In order to obtain the beneficial effects it is advisable to listen to it every day, quietly. Even fifteen or twenty minutes at least are enough, preferably in the early morning after rising, after returning home from work, in the evening before falling asleep. It is also possible to listen to the music during the night, at a very low volume.
When shall I listen to the Medical Resonance
Therapy Music®?
In principle, you can listen to the music at any time. The following 4 times are particularly recommended from a medical point of view: in the mornings after waking up, at midday after lunch, in the evenings after the day’s activities and before going to bed.

While listening to the harmonic medical information we recommend:

  • to sit comfortably or to lie down
  • to close the eyes
  • to simply allow the harmonic information to work
  • to ideally use headphones of good quality
  • to avoid outer disturbances
  • to listen as soft as possible
  • to listen only as loud as necessary – in order to
    possibly perceive all fine structural developments
  • to listen to the harmonic information for at least 15-20 minutes
  • to listen to the harmonic information regularly
Why are some music preparations listed in different indications? and
Why do some music preparations have a RRR-Number and others a RRR-Number plus an additional title, as for instance RRR 934 Pregnancy / Birth?
The listening plans show several music preparations listed in the listening plans of different indications - as for instance the title RRR 934 Pregnancy/Birth, which is also part of the program Sleep Disorders.

How can this be understood?

The effect of the medical music preparations on the different indications was found out empirically, that is, when medical scientists start scientific research with Medical Resonance Therapy Music® they receive those music preparations of the Micro Music Laboratories® that are approved for medical research; those are labelled by RRR-Numbers.

During the application of the music preparations in the medical field under investigation by-and-by some preparations crystallize, which medical judgment qualifies as better for this field of application than others.

The music preparation which qualifies best for fulfilling the medical purpose becomes the so-called Basic CD and receives the title of the field of application, as for instance RRR 934 Pregnancy/Birth.

However, as the same music preparation proved of value for instance in the field of sleep disorders, but was not recommended as Basic CD, it did not receive a title - in this case the labelling remained limited to the RRR-Number, that is, to RRR 934.

In this way it becomes clear, why some music preparations are applied in several disease fields and some, next to the RRR-Numbers, still have the title of a field of application.
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Medical Music Preparations on CD
RRR 101 Vital Energy
Vital Energy

RRR 102 Harmony

RRR 103 Hormone and Immune System
Disorders of the
Hormone & Immune System

RRR 105 Gynecological Disorders
Gynecological Disorders

RRR 106 Sleep Disorders
Sleep Disorders

RRR 128 Concentration / Memory
Concentration / Memory

RRR 133 Headache / Migraine
Headache / Migraine

RRR 921 Courage to Face Life
Courage to Face Life

RRR 931 Relaxation
RRR 932 General Stress Symptoms
General Stress Symptoms

RRR 933 Neurodermatitis / Psoriasis
Neurodermatitis / Psoriasis

RRR 940 Cardiac and Circulatory Disorders
Cardiac &
Circulatory Disorders

RRR 934 Pregnancy and Birth
Pregnancy & Birth

RRR 935 Creativity

RRR 942 Mother and Child
Mother & Child

RRR 943 Pains / Postoperative Pains
Pains / Postoperative Pains

RRR 951 Mental Distress / Fear
Mental Distress / Fear

RRR 941 Neurophysiological and Sensory Disorders
Neurophysiological &
Sensory Disorders

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