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Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
 The effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® on the unborn child                          Page 1 2 3

We know very well: the better the condition of the pregnant mother, the better the con­di­tion of her patient: her child.

The Medical Resonance Therapy Music® method is indispensable in the pre-operative treatment of expectant mothers who undergo a caesarean section. The level of the stress hormone cortisol falls by 19% after 2-3 treatments with MRT-Music®, compared with the control group, which also receives tranquillizers as part of the pre-operative treatment. We can deduce from this that Peter Hübner’s Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has a powerful anti-stress effect.
At the same time, its effects allow the quantity of medication for the expectant mother to be reduced, so protecting her child from the negative effects of the medication.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® transmits harmony to the organism of the expectant mother and the organism of her child alike. The results of echoscopic examinations have shown that, during the first 3-5 minutes of treatment with Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, the child’s motor activity increases, but it then listens quietly and unmoved – like a grateful patient. (Unlike the mother, the child does not, of course, hear via headphones or a speaker itself. Instead, according to the well-known neu­ro­en­do­cri­nolo­gist Prof. Reznikov from the Academy of Sciences in the Ukraine and the Academy of Sciences in New York, it ‘hears’ by way of the hormonal control through the mother.)
We also use Medical Resonance Therapy Music® in cases of chronic foetoplacental in­suf­fi­ciency. Both the cardiotocographic data and the level of the hormones, placenta-lactogen and estriol in the last month of pregnancy are testimony to the improvement in the condition of the child.

Biophysical data emphasize this: after 6-8 treatments with MRT-Music®, the biophysical profile rises in the points rating from 7-8 to 9-10 (mainly due to the motor activity and the breathing movements of the foetus).
Doppler measurements of the foetoplacental unit also clearly continue to document the positive effects of MRT-Music® in cases of chronic inter-uterine foetal hypoxia.
In the first stages of labour, MRT-Music® helps the expectant mother to relax her body and strengthen her spirit and, owing to an increased synthesis of endorphins – natural pain relievers – to raise the pain threshold. All of these effects promote natural labor. On average the first stage of labor is thus shortened by 2 hours.

To sum up, we can say that the effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® are characteristic in two ways:
  1. It neutralizes negative, disharmonic influences

  2. it leads to a normalization of internal body

These positive effects that MRT-Music® has on the foetus are achieved via the body of the mother: through the improvement of psycho-physiological condition of the mother and through the improvement of the neurohumoral regulation of the adaptation system during the pregnancy and birth.

On the basis of our four-year research we recommend the use of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® on a broad basis, both as a prophylactic treatment and for the treatment of many pathological problems during pregnancy and birth. This will strengthen the health of the unborn child and, as a patient, protect it from the harmful side-effects of many medications.

Therefore we would like to invite every seriously interested researcher to join in further research into the effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® on health and on the well-being of the most precious of patients that medicine has: the growing child in the mother’s womb.


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