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Nature’s Laws of
Harmony in the
Microcosm of Music

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Music as a Harmonic
Medical Data Carrier

The Special Status of the
Ear in the Organism

The Ear as a
Medical Instrument

The Significance of the
Soul to Medicine

The Significance of
our Consciousness
to Medicine

The Significance of the
Soul to Human Evolution

Scientists of Tuebingen discover the Brain Regions responsible for
Self Awareness

The Future of Pharmaceutics

Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Peter Hübner – The Significance of the Soul to Medicine

If somebody says: “I cure!” and he says this as a doctor, and he is not even the one who is the thinking person and truly speaking – the creator of his thoughts and words –, how can he be the one who cures?
It looks very much as if the whole matter of thinking, speaking and then: curing only takes place by means of nature, and is directly controlled by nature – not by anybody else. This view could liberate all of us – if this is true! That is what enters my mind, and that is why I will come to the point now: if “we” think “we” are helping somebody in the field of health, we should fundamentally take into account that nature has organised everything in such a way that a living being is capable of helping itself out of its inner self.

And through which institution does it do so?

This is the soul. The soul passes the energy of life and the intelligence of life to the inner organs – which means: to our breathing, to our intellect, to our feeling and our mind, as well as our senses of perception – which we must not confuse with our outer sensory organs, because here we are dealing with our inner senses, which we also use in our dream for instance.

And through these, our inner organs of life, all these qualities of energy, intelligence, vitality, harmony etc. are passed on to our neuro-physiology.

But if this does not work – if we do not succeed in activating our soul for this – or if we even prevent our soul from doing so, then disease appears on the scene of our life.
Thus, disease is only an expression that our soul is hampered in that normal activity, for which it is made.

Our soul takes care of everything: of our health: that we are feeling well – that we are happy: of everything concerning our life. But if we prevent it from doing so, our soul stops looking after our well-being and says: I want to move out of this house.

And then a person will become ill. And if the soul’s decision to move out has become clear and definite, then doctors say: this person cannot be cured.
But all this only happens, because the soul has decided: I do not like this house, I am moving out of this house.

I believe this to be an interesting point of knowledge and medical contemplation in the medical world of the future, because it ultimately shows: whatever efforts a doctor might undertake – it should only be a phase to reach that point where he can activate the soul to continue maintaining the body, where he can support the soul in its inner strength, and especially: in its inner harmony.

Wise people such as Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato continued to emphasise that the best tool for this was a kind of music which was structured according to the harmony laws of nature.
And Confucius, too, the great mental teacher in ancient China, who, as we all know – just like Pythagoras – was a composer, musician and philosopher, gave harmonically structured music the greatest significance for the weal and woe of the whole of society.

But, according to the statements of these wise men, it must not just be any kind of music – most music, especially nowadays, is only suitable to holistically disturb or even destroy a person’s harmony of the soul.
But on principle there is no other element that is as suitable to really harmonise the soul and consequently the whole person or even the whole of society in a scientific way and to support it in its natural health.

Hymns of the Sun 2nd Movement
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