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Nature’s Laws of
Harmony in the
Microcosm of Music

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Music as a Harmonic
Medical Data Carrier

The Special Status of the
Ear in the Organism

The Ear as a
Medical Instrument

The Significance of the
Soul to Medicine

The Significance of
our Consciousness
to Medicine

The Significance of the
Soul to Human Evolution

Scientists of Tuebingen discover the Brain Regions responsible for
Self Awareness

The Future of Pharmaceutics

Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Peter Hübner – The Significance of the Soul to Medicine

But this is also still half the truth and only an appearance, which results from its restricted set-up for experiments.
The truth is that the mind is also ruled from inside through our inner cosmic organs of knowledge and creation – and then only through this, like through a complex buffer, neuro-physiology and/or the body. In time, the person who has broken through the absolute sound barrier of the civilised world in form of deep sleep, has these facts quite openly in front of his eyes of his inner knowledge.
He will be able to clear all that has been said in time from his very own experience.

In so far, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® supplies indirectly to the medicine of the future very sound knowledge about the reality of health as well as disease in all areas of life: physiological, psychological, sociological – mental as well as emotional.

But independent of these developments, the physicians should especially be clear about these facts: the soul is the only really universal element in us: if this soul decides that the physiology should destroy itself – be it with drugs, war or disease – then we should be wide awake to know whether we accept this decision or not.
For the soul is a universal element of life equipped with cosmic power, and therefore much stronger and more powerful than we imagine it to be in our mentally narrow modern civilised materialistic world.

If we do not go with the decision of the soul: if we think with all these modern medical machines and equipment, we are able to put up resistance against its efforts and oppose it, then it may be that – because all souls form a unit in the cosmic area and live together like a very harmonious group – they then decide together to destroy a whole area or an entire society and/or send them to a process of self-destruction.
For us in the material world, this is then expressed as war. In this case, the soul operates mainly through consciousness.

Nature is designed in such a way that it does what the soul wants. It is a natural central organ of the soul, and we should also observe and consider this in medicine

We and especially the doctors among us should be absolutely clear about this, and think about whether we want to act against the soul. I believe, we should not do that.
And as long as we do not support the soul, it does not seem good to me, to keep people “alive” from the outside with artificial machinery.

In my opinion, such external manipulations only make temporary sense if at the same time or possibly even beforehand, we bring about a situation, where the soul itself is supported in its efforts – which naturally always aim towards survival anyway, but towards a life of natural dignity: towards a life, in which our inner ruling conditions are structured in a natural way – from inside to the outside: from our soul through our self and through our inner organs of knowledge and creation, as well as through our mind into the area of our neuro-physiology and/or our body.

Methamorphoses No. 5
With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL

Subject to change in the interests of scientific advancement.