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Nature’s Laws of
Harmony in the
Microcosm of Music

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Music as a Harmonic
Medical Data Carrier

The Special Status of the
Ear in the Organism

The Ear as a
Medical Instrument

The Significance of the
Soul to Medicine

The Significance of
our Consciousness
to Medicine

The Significance of the
Soul to Human Evolution

Scientists of Tuebingen discover the Brain Regions responsible for
Self Awareness

The Future of Pharmaceutics

Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Peter Hübner – The Significance of our Consciousness to Medicine

So we see that the main states of consciousness play a large or even more precise: decisive part for the fundamental understanding of mathematics; they can – as we have seen – even provide opposite knowledge.

In the fifth main state of consciousness everything looks totally different again: if in the fourth main state of consciousness, the infinite is still recognised as the cosmic value in zero, this cosmic value of zero is recognised in addition as universal in the fifth main state of consciousness – and then the universal is recognised as the practical foundation of the cosmic.

Where present-day scientists in our so-called civilised world with their first three main states of consciousness define zero as “nothingness”, although only indirectly: as a kind of assumption or hypothesis – as a result of sheer personal speculation –, the person, who has developed four main states of consciousness, recognises it as zero and also as infinite, and knows from his own experience that this knowledge depends on consciousness.

And the natural scientist, who has developed the first five main states of consciousness, recognises this zero
• firstly: as nothingness
• secondly: as cosmic: as infinite, and
• thirdly: as universal
• the universal defining the cosmic from a state of an even higher order.

I have explained on other occasions that there are more main states of consciousness – but it should suffice at this point to learn that the scientists of our times would be wise to initiate discoveries for all knowledge in their consciousness: to concentrate on the development of their consciousness – on the achievement of further and/or higher states of consciousness – if they want to expand their mental horizons, no matter in which field of science.

It seems grotesque to me when physicists or mathematicians, full of mental blindness and under the blanket of their first three main states of consciousness – caught at the door of deep sleep –, set out to develop a world formula, without such an approach to a systematic and purposeful development of consciousness.

But as there is so much useless present-day rubbish in international circulation, as far as consciousness is concerned, it seems very important to me to know that this whole aspect of development of consciousness is under the blanket of objective scientific supervision: objective, incorruptible natural science, which has always played an important role in getting rid of superstition and all possible unrealistic delusions: in achieving objective knowledge, and which has always successfully proven itself in liberating our thinking from narrow-minded patronising.

Medical Music Preparations on CD
Digital Studio Recordings Under the Artistic, Scientific and Technical Direction of the Composer and Musicologist Peter Hübner
Listening Program:
Pregnancy & Birth

RRR 102 Harmony

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