The harmony laws of nature provide medical help to the victims of nuclear accidents

The Nuclear Disaster at Chernobyl

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster has put the industrial nations’ professional medical world to the hardest of tests and, within only a few years, has revealed to the experts the limits of their previous capabilities.

Leading medical experts from all corners of the world have been tackling this problem – an international research and development plan of enormously far-reaching implications – in the course of which medical experts have forged completely new paths.

At all levels of physiology – from changes in the genetic make-up and changes in the blood composition to the widespread incidence of cancer – the Chernobyl nuclear disaster has produced numerous awful illnesses. And conventional medicine with its special methods of treatment looks hopelessly on, as the atomic contamination has so shattered the very basis of the people’s health that some individuals continually develop new illness, which then constantly require new methods of treatment.

This phenomenon really called for a holistic medical approach. For this reason leading medical scientists recognized a great potential in Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, with its focused application of the universal laws of harmony of biological life, and research findings so far confirm that this holistic medical approach is correct.

A whole series of studies with Medical Resonance Therapy Music® are taking place in universities and scientific Institutions in other countries too, mainly in the western world. But the application of the laws of harmony of biological life in treating the contaminated victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster is, without a doubt, the greatest medical challenge that Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has faced – as, of course, have all other medical treatment methods.

According to current knowledge of scientific medicine there is no “harmless” dose and any nuclear radiation and intake of radioactive particles through the air or food – even in small quantities – is harmful to health.
Nuclear Power Plant Chernobyl, Ukraine
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station

The Chernobyl disaster occurred on 26 April 1986 near the Ukrainian city of Pripyat, when the nuclear reactor exploded at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station and unleashed several trillion becquerels of radioactivity

The radioactive substances that reached the Earth’s atmosphere contaminated as fallout mainly the region northeast of Chernobyl as well as many countries in Europe. About 70% of the radioactive material went down on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

In their report “Chernobyl – Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment” which was published in 2009 by the NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, the scientists Alexey Yablokov, Alexey and Vassily Nesterenko and Janette Sherman Nevinger show that until now worldwide about 1 million people have died from the consequences of this nuclear accident.

After the accident, governments from around the world had sent medical experts to the affected areas in order to gain knowledge here about the medical effects of the radiation and to help.
The doctors delegated to the region, however, had to find that neither the conventional means of modern scientific medicine nor the pharmaceutical manufacturers with their product developments could help the victims of Chernobyl. Conventional scientific medicine was not prepared for a nuclear accident.

At the end, the medical missions had to be stopped without having accomplished anything, and the medical director of operations of the team sent by the German government could only tell the German public on television, that all means had failed: that the current state of medical science were not prepared for nuclear radiation and that they could just bring the children chocolate – nothing more.

One must also consider, that after the nuclear accident the emergence and spread of most various disease symptoms increased in the affected areas so rapidly that the doctors could not handle it anymore.

Through the international conference “ENDOCRINOLOGY – QUID NOVI”, to which the hundred leading neuro-endocrinologists of the world had been invited by the prestigious UNIVERSITY OF TÜBINGEN in Germany, the doctors from the Ukraine and Belarus in the Soviet Union knew about an unconventional but promising medical help: The university had also invited the classical composer and musicologist Peter Hübner to this conference to report of his extraordinary research and developments in the microcosm of music and his MEDICAL RESONANCE THERAPY MUSIC® (acronym: MRT-Music®).

The organizer of the conference in Tübingen, Prof. Dr. Gupta, director of the university’s world-leading INSTITUTE FOR DIAGNOSTIC ENDOCRINOLOGY with the focus on child endocrinology, had heard the classical music creator

Professor Derek Gupta M.D.. Ph.D., FRCPath   Professor
Derek Gupta
M.D.. Ph.D., FRCPath


Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen, Germany

and musicologist speak on this issue already at the UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM during the annual international conference on “PRE- AND PERINATAL MEDICINE” and therefore had invited

Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel
Here the foundation for Medical Resonance Therapy Music® was laid.

him to come to Tübingen too, where the composer gave the inaugural address and an opening concert before the rector of the university, the famous director of the institute and his special guests from around the world.

At the JERUSALEM RUBIN ACADEMY OF MUSIC & DANCE the composer lectured to professors and students of composition on his research and developments in the microcosm of music and about his compositions structured according to the harmony laws of the microcosm of music.

The Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music & Dance

The leading endocrinologists of the Soviet Union had come to this Congress at the UNIVERSITY OF TÜBINGEN too, among them Prof. Dr. Alexander Reznikov, MD, from the MEDICAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF UKRAINE, who approached the composer after his speech and said, that in relation to the composer’s research and developments in the microcosm of music, he, in his institute, would like to make research too on the application of the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music in medicine – particularly in view of the catastrophic health effects of the nuclear accident of Chernobyl.
National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

As a result doctors in the ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES OF UKRAINE and in the MEDICAL UNIVERSITY MINSK turned to the classical composer and musicologist Peter Huebner and asked him for medical music preparations as well as CD players, loudspeakers and headphones, to determine whether the application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music could be of help here.

So the creator of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® then organized the purchasing, manufacturing, and shipment of the desired things, and the doctors immediately began large-scale studies in 18 indications – sometimes with medical teams of up to 70 doctors

The results were a complete surprise to everyone: the medical application of the laws of harmony brought about great improvements, especially in some key areas in which radioactive pollution causes health problems:

  • in the reproductive system ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 )
  • in the immune system ( 1 2 )
  • in the endocrine system ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
  • in the field of blood generation ( 1
  • in the cardiovascular system ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 )
  • in the nervous system ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 )
  • in the regeneration system ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 )
  • WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) in the field of reducing psycho-physiological manifestations of STRESS
    (where they were 4-8 times more effective than conventional drugs – as acknowledged on the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) conference “SOCIETY, STRESS AND HEALTH” at the ACADEMY OF SCIENCES in Moscow)
    ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 )

In these areas, MRT-Music®, with the help of the harmony laws of nature, had great positive and objectively measurable effects on health.

It should also be noted particularly, that in the context of longer-term studies

a) the average use of chemical pharmaceutical drugs could be significantly reduced and/or they even had to be discontinued altogether, and

b) that the hospital stay was generally shortened by 20-25%!

The scientific research findings summarized by indication can be found here.

premature birth rate reduced from 14% to 6.2% But especially helpful Medical Resonance Therapy Music® proved for the pregnant women, for whose unborn children nuclear radiation is many times more dangerous than for adults.

After the nuclear accident complications during pregnancy had dramatically increased in the affected areas and the premature birth rate had risen alarmingly.

Through the scientific application of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, or of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, the premature birth rate among the pregnant women and even among the high-risk pregnant women – who due to the serious harming health effects after the reactor accident were in danger of losing their unborn children – could eventually be reduced from 14% to 6.2%: that are almost 60% less prematurely born babies.

In the western industrialized nations with allegedly “best” medical care the premature birth rate is on average 10%.

If one wants to know, how dramatically the use of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is happening – and quite often so –, it is worthwhile to read five short reports from medical professionals (pharmacists, doctors and medical professors). And if one does not know and understand, that the cause for the effects is the application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, one is very easily inclined to consider them “miracles” – as sensationalist media do this.

Read the reports very carefully – especially the nuclear accident needs such “miracles”:

Case 1 – Report of a Pharmacist

RRR 106 Sleep Disorders Thirty years old, Mrs A first developed depression due to difficult family situations. She was treated with tranquilizers. These calmed her down in the beginning, but because of the unchanged inability to cope with her family pressures, her condition got increasingly worse. For many years, Mrs. A followed the advise of her doctors to suppress her depression with different drugs of increasing dosage, but with poor success. The depression got worse and in addition more and more tension and painful abdominal problems were reported. Mrs. A. received a strong drug for endogene depression. In the following 5 years she developed an immense urge to sleep. Her waking times were reduced to a few hours and her social and family life came to a stop. The change of medication to neuroleptica and an inpatient treatment at a university hospital for many months provided only little help. Soon Mrs. A. was only awake for one hour per day.

At her 69th birthday Mrs. A’s daughter got her a CD player and several music preparations of MRT-Music® as a birthday present. Although in the beginning no results became obvious, the mother was treated with the music regularly. After 3 months of treatment first results were that Mrs. A. slept less. She started to take part in family life again, to show interest in different things and to undertake activities on her own – something which had not been the case for nearly 20 years.

18 months after the start of the treatment with the music preparations her sleep was normal, tension and pain in the abdomen were gone. She rode alone by bus to the next city to visit her daughter, overlooked the homework of her grandchildren of her son and started activities with her old friends.

Thanks to the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, Mrs. A. had returned to normal and rediscovered her joy for life.

Case 2 – Report of a Pharmacist

RRR 941 Neurophysiological & Sensory Disorders Mr. S. had a stroke and fell into a coma. After regaining consciousness his ability to speak, his will and ability to communicate were at a very low level, and his motor skills were strongly limited. Several months of intensive speech and physical therapy did not yield any meaningful results. Upon leaving the hospital after 4 months, the prognosis was bleak. For the rest of his life Mr. S. would only be able to move by the help of his wheel chair, would probably never again be able to speak in an understandable manner, and would not be able to establish much contact with his surroundings.

His relatives were not willing to accept this diagnosis so Mr. S. continued in speech and physical therapy after he left the hospital. Still this did not generate much success worthy of mentioning.

A turn came with a neurologist’s advise to add to the logopaedic and physiotherapeutic treatments the treatment with MRT-Music®. This brought success soon. Mr. S. started to make quick progress in his speech exercises and could speak almost normally again after 2 months. Also his physical therapy was rewarded with more success. After one year of MRT-Music® he could leave the wheel chair and walk alone with a walking aid. A few months later he even learned to swim again. After two years he was able to again participate in normal conversation.

Today the relatives regret very much not having heard about MRT-Music® earlier and they ask the question: “What in the brain would be different if Mr. S. would have been treated with MRT-Music® while in coma?”

Case 3 – Report of Prof. Dr. med. Valentina Sidorenko

University Hospital Minsk

Prof. Dr. med. Walentina Sidorenko   Prof. Dr. med.
Walentina Sidorenko

Surgeon and Gynaecologist at the Medical University Minsk, Belarus
“On 14th October 1994 the boy was admitted to the intensive care unit at the Children’s Surgical Center in Minsk following a traffic accident. He had an open skull and brain trauma, a basal skull fracture, a fracture of the right frontal bone, a fracture of the sacral joint, a fractured pelvis, a compound fracture of the central third of the right hip bone with displacement of the bone fragments.

His condition was exceptionally poor. He was unconscious and bone marrow fluid streamed from the ears and nose (liquaria). Unconsciousness lasted for 10 days followed by symptoms of encephalopathy (inadequate behavior, uncoordinated movements, hallucinations).

According to medical prognoses, chances of survival were minimal. This was also confirmed by the medical advisors. The prognoses for the retention of mental capabilities were also unfavorable.
Alongside the traditional treatment (sedatives, nootropil, B vitamins), Medical Resonance Therapy Music® was also used from the fourth day – approx. 4-5 hours during the day and night.
As the Senior Consultant on the intensive care station, Dr. med. Vladimir Wolkow, remarked, the application of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® subsequent to the traditional methods of treatment, played a decisive role in recovery: the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® reinitiated the vital functions which, despite conventional treatment, had continued to deteriorate.

On the 11th day the boy began to react satisfactorily to some of the things said by the medical personnel.
Adequate speech was recorded on the 14th day. Gradually the symptoms of encephalopathy declined. On 4th November Igor was operated upon (open osteosynthesis of the right hip bone) and on 7th November he was transferred to the trauma unit. At the end of December he left hospital a healthy boy, and is now able to go to school again.

In answer to the question: ‘What contributed to your recovery?’, the boy replied: ‘Beautiful music and outstanding doctors. I would like to hear this music every day.’

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is currently used in the intensive station in the treatment of patients who are unconscious, patients in a narcotic slumber following surgery and children suffering serious skull-brain traumas.

In order to be able to extend the application of this method, the intensive care unit needs further therapy equipment.”

Case 4 – Report of Prof. Dr. med. Ray H. Rosenman

University of California, San Francisco, USA

Prof. Dr. med. Ray H. Rosenman   Prof. Dr. med.
Ray H. Rosenman
Clinical cardiologist (Assoc. Chief., Dept. of Medicine, Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center of UCSF, San Francisco), Director of Cardiovascular Research at SRI Intl. in Menlo Park, CA. SRI is the former Stanford Research Institute

In a letter to Peter Hübner he writes:

“You will recall that, after the Hawaiian meeting last November, you were kind enough to send me a large supply of music CDs and a superb set of earphones, in order to try your methodology for my rather severe osteoarthritis of the cervical vertebral area and also involving the lumbar area.

I am a clinical cardiologist (Assoc. Chief., Dept. of Medicine, Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center of UCSF, San Francisco), but also a researcher who was Director of Cardiovascular Research at SRI Intl. in Menlo Park, CA. SRI is the former Stanford Research Institute.

With this background, as well as having a hobby of classical music, I would admit to having considerable doubts about the claims of benefit from Dr. Hübner’s system.
I therefore tried the system for an initial period of about 6 weeks, then stopped for two weeks, and then repeated it. Although I don’t expect that it would “cure” osteoarthritis, I can certainly attest to the unexpected, significant symptomatic benefit that the system provides.

The results have converted me from a doubter to a believer and a strong supporter of your re­com­men­da­tions.
I continue to use the system daily, albeit at reduced audition lengths, but with sustained marked decrease of overall pain and with persistent further symptomatic benefit for hours after audition times.
I am grateful for your help and pleased to attest to the above in any way that would be of help to your efforts.

Yours sincerely,
Ray H. Rosenman, M.D.”

Case 5 – Report of Prof. Dr. med. Horst Köditz

University Children’s Hospital Magdeburg

Prof. Dr. med. Horst Koeditz   Prof. Dr. med.
Horst Koeditz
was, until his retirement in 1997, head of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Magdeburg and of the University Children’s Hospital.
From 1990 – 1993, he was Rector of the University of Magdeburg.
“A mother feels love for her child. Then the sound of her voice and her look will become full of love as she takes her child in her arms and caresses it.
These signals of love are received by the child via its sense organs, which direct them to the world of emotion. Arrived there, they initiate a wave of love as answer, which finds its expression through the same signal paths and comes back to the mother.

In this exchange or training those nerve connections are built and consolidated, which enable the experience and expression of love. For a child who is given only a few experiences of love, security, joy, tenderness, it is normally much harder to develop these qualities in his later life than for a child whose world of emotion is regularly nourished with these qualities of the heart; because the nerve connections which represent these qualities have not been stimulated and consolidated through the sense organs as intensively.

Many neuroscientists assume today that in this way all abilities of feeling, understanding and intellect receive their neurological stimulation and consolidation. The outer stimulation of these qualities is achieved through the sense organs. Their impulses co-decide which networks in the brain will be consolidated and expanded through intensive use (gain more importance) and which ones will receive a rather small importance or will be even given up completely.

This finding of neuroscience is of utmost importance for education, because, automatically the question arises concerning the quality of what travels through the sense organs to the brain and takes a share in shaping its architecture.

I would like to describe a case which I think illustrates very well the positive effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® on a child’s mind. In a project with disabled children – which I was supervising from the medical side – the following happened:

After a charity concert of the classical composer Peter Hübner in the Magdeburg Cathedral in Germany in favor of the children of Chernobyl some teachers bought the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® of Mr. Hübner and used it for severely disturbed children in the special education field. Among them was a schoolmistress who also looked after a so-called “tube-child”: in the area of special care small children are called “tube-children” who often reject any contact with other people and even refuse to eat food.

In order that their physical development is not being harmed, such children, for safety reasons, must be force-fed through a tube in special facilities.

The mentioned teacher looked after such a small child and during all the time of her educational care, she had unfortunately not yet succeeded to come into any positive contact with the child.

Was the child gently touched, for instance, in an attempt to establish contact with it, it often vomited the food back which it had just ingested before – as if it wanted to document its resistance against the attempt of trying to contact it.

RRR 942 Mother and Child A few days after the concert in the cathedral of Magdeburg, the teacher installed by the bed of her foster child a sound system and played the CD “Mother and Child” of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, which she had purchased at the concert. Already after a few seconds she had the impression that the child responded positively to the music.

This impression became soon a certainty, and therefore she organized a few days later, that the music was played more frequently and for longer. After several days of such treatment the child gained confidence and while the music was playing it looked for the first time to establish an eye contact with the teacher: with this – for the first time – the child established a conscious positive communication with the teacher.

A little later the child did not oppose to be caressed by the teacher and enjoyed it, and soon there was also a regular feed without vomiting the food back.

For the nursing staff of the institution the effect of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® on the child was extremely moving and the teacher later reported, how some of them got tears in their eyes as the child, listening to the music, began to happily babble for the first time.

They were able to see how under the influence of the music many previously inhibited development processes caught up and how the child over time developed more and more into a ‘normal’ child.”

Excerpt from a report of Prof. Dr. Köditz as part of a medical seminar.

Prof. Dr. med. Horst Köditz was many years rector of the University of Magdeburg, where, until his retirement, he headed the Department of Pediatrics and the University Children’s Hospital.

The groundbreaking study results and the tremendous help against radioactive contamination from the nuclear accident at Chernobyl led very quickly to the fact that the Health Minister of Belarus declared the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and the medical application of the harmony laws an official medical treatment and promoted its use.

Prof. Dr. med. G. Gerassimowitsch   Prof. Dr. med.
G. Gerassimowitsch

Professor Gerassimowitch, president of the Belarussian Association of Gynaecologists, even made listening to MRT-Music® mandatory for women whose pregnancy was at-risk, because due to the nuclear accident many such risk pregnancies developed and their number increased more and more.

Since all applications and research studies took place under official scientific supervision, it is not surprising that the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® of the classical composer and musicologist Peter Hübner and his scientific and artistic application of the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music in medicine were very quickly recognized and established as a new branch of scientific medicine.

One can view health as the natural harmony of all processes in body, mind and soul. The MEDICAL RESONANCE THERAPY MUSIC® is so far the only scientific and proven method, which unfolds a medical effect out of the field of the harmony laws of nature and comprehensively supports our psycho-physiological processes, objectively measurable, to find back to their natural order.

With regard to radioactive contamination MEDICAL RESONANCE THERAPY MUSIC® can be considered a highly effective prophylaxis.

But the tremendous medical potential, which the scientific application of the harmony laws proved for the victims of Chernobyl, everyone can use who attaches importance to his health.

With the help of the harmony laws of nature anyone can contrast the health disturbing influences of radioactive pollution with a mighty influence of natural order and harmony: this stimulates the countless repair mechanisms of our body, which thus strengthened significantly reduce many disorders resulting from radioactive pollution and in many cases can even eliminate them completely.

In the various scientific studies so far it remained largely unclear, how the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, or how the harmony laws bring about the dramatic improvements.
There are currently also scientific investigations in preparation, which shall verify the extent to which the body is stimulated by Medical Resonance Therapy Music® to discard stored radioactive substances – what according to preliminary investigations in Belarus 31 years ago is very likely.

Politicians may want to play the matter down for all sorts of reasons, but they must remember that it is about the use of natural laws that can not be bought and bribed and also can not be blackmailed – both on the side of the radioactive radiation and on the side of the neuro-physiological functions in human beings under the influence of this radiation – but also when applying the harmony laws of the microcosm of music as those laws that govern the entire universe: from quantum physics to the movement of the stars, from health to disease and from well-being to decline, and which govern all the laws of nature: from a superior function.

The leading experts among the quantum physicists, that is, their pioneers, have come across this too already – what then is reflected in the theories of the modern “string” researchers.

Peter Hübner  

PETER HÜBNER Classical Composer
Creator of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

After 50 years of research in this field the creator of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, the classical composer and musicologist Peter Hübner comments:

“There is no progressive way around the laws of harmony – and who thinks he can ignore them, will end up in nothing, at best, and concerning medicine, ultimately, in sickness and in death: because modern chrono-medicine has shown, that the laws of harmony are built into our biological system, and that the functions of the harmony laws keep us alive, and that it is medically proven by now that the disease begins where the function of the harmony laws subsides.

“Who wants to form up against radioactivity,
must be well armed.
And the best armour are the laws of harmony.” Peter Huebner

And since the laws of harmony, according to current knowledge, stand above the laws of nature, as a kind of ‘super-natural’ laws, and these laws govern from a kind of transcendental world, that is, beyond the point of origin of nature – which is not difficult to understand for a classical composer like Beethoven or Mozart or Haydn or Brahms or Bach or Händel or Wagner or Schumann or Schubert, or Puccini or Bruch or Grieg –, therefore the harmony laws are also ideally suited to help here in this nuclear disaster, because they determine the inner workings of atoms and their radiation, as they also determine the inner workings of the human organism – as has been established by chrono-medicine.

The problem of the nuclear disaster – making it a disaster – is only a problem of lack of coordination: of the nuclear laws and the associated natural radiation with the harmony laws.

Regarding the sun such explosions do not upset us, but on earth the problems arise from a lack of efficiency of the neuro-physiological functions of the organisms, including the human organisms, and from the large disease potential in the present generation and/or in the insufficiently activated health potential.

The oracle of Delphi gives already the answer in early times – and this answer, it probably comes from the most famous music expert in theory and practice: from Orpheus; and the oracle says:

“Man, know Thy Self,
then also the entire universe
with all its secrets
will reveal itself to you.” Inscription at the entrance of the Temple of Delphi

And this Self-knowledge is possible with the help of the harmony laws, and what the oracle has not said, but what it includes: the Self-knowledge strengthens health – and therefore the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is effective in the medical field.

And so the super-natural laws of harmony could become the winner in the human organism or have a favorable influence on the human body that deals with the radiation – which then would have to give in. It seems to be designed that way in regard to creation.

At least it has worked that way in Chernobyl and it will work better if we succeed to systematically and purposefully promote the musicological and medical research and developments in this matter.

Vladimir Ashkenazy
Conductor Laureate:
NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo

Principal Conductor and Artistic Adviser: Sydney Symphony

Conductor Laureate: Philharmonia Orchestra, London

Conductor Laureate:
Iceland Symphony Orchestra

Music Director:
European Union Youth Orchestra
Conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy

“I fully support Peter Hübner’s scientific approach to explore the natural relationship between music and human health and behaviour: three decades of work which finally found its expression in his Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.
Music plays a very important role in our life – whether or not we are aware of it. And different types and structures of music can have a highly negative or beneficial effect – not only on the psyche of an individual but on a whole spectrum of a psychological and emotional climate of our society.

I hope that all those who want to contribute to a natural state of harmony – individually and socially – will focus on Peter Hübner’s scientific work and the achievements of his Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and become aware of their tremendous importance.”

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Prof. Dr. med. Paul Rosch, M.D.
Prof. Dr. Paul Rosch, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, New York Medical College
Adjunct Clinical Professor of Medicine in Psychiatry, University of Maryland, School of Medicine
Leading stress expert of our time and official successor of Prof. Dr. Hans Selye – the founder of the stress research (who also shaped the term “STRESS” – today used all over the world)
Prof. Dr. Horst Koeditz, M.D.
Prof. Dr. Horst Köditz, M.D.
was, until his retirement in 1997, head of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Magdeburg and of the University Children’s Hospital.
From 1990 – 1993, he was Rector of the University of Magdeburg.
Prof. Dr. Alexander Reznikov, M.D.
Prof. Dr. Alexander Reznikov, M.D.
Member of the Academy of Science of the Ukraine as well as of the Academy of Science of New York is one of the leading hormone researchers of the former Soviet-Union.
Since two decades he is the head of the laboratory for neurohormonal control of reproduction at the famous research Institute for neuroendocrinology in Kiew.
This Institute is also research partner of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Professor Dr. Reznikov is author of several scientific books and a successful developer of drugs against cancer which yielded many high scientific awards and gave him an international reputation.
He is also a visiting professor at the University of Dallas in the United States and the University of Toronto in Canada.
Prof. Dr. Bazyka, M.D.
Prof. Dr. Bazyka, M.D.
Prof. Dr. Valentina Sidorenko, M.D.
Prof. Dr. Valentina Sidorenko, M.D.
Surgeon and Gynaecologist at the Medical University Minsk, Belarus