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The Special Status of the
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The Ear as a
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The Significance of the
Soul to Medicine

The Significance of
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The Significance of the
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Scientists of Tuebingen discover the Brain Regions responsible for
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The Future of Pharmaceutics

Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Peter Hübner – The Significance of the Soul to Medicine

In the case of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, music is doing the work. Music is a finished system and/or product. I only listen to music, and music I am talking about harmonically structured music produces the same effect as successful meditation: it harmonises and calms my inner human powers, and leads me to an inner peace: it stops the process of my thinking, and in the most favourable case, when my thinking stops, it leads me to a state of complete inner resting alertness and that this also happens in time is our experience. This is then the spiritual aspect of music structured according to the harmony laws of nature, and it is in fact very important for the strengthening of our health.
And it is absolutely sufficient if we see this spiritual aspect only under the point of view of our health whether we look at it from a religious point of view is in my opinion not important.

Alone for our health, spirituality as such is important enough, because strengthening the soul and/or the experience of the soul is the natural foundation of our health.

In our so-called civilised world, most people do not know their soul at all. Sauerbruch, a very famous physician during the time of the Third Reich he was also Adolf Hitlers personal physician once said: I have operated on so many people, but never found a soul!
But let us rather assume that we have a soul, and that its strengthening and harmonisation is very important to our health.

Even if outside of this International Congress, part of the contemporary scientific experts is of a different opinion, it seems important to me to strengthen the soul as such, in order to provide ourselves for our health beyond the large health market and health business with fundamental energy of life, intelligence of life and harmony of life.

We only use Medical Resonance Therapy Music® for this like a guide to our inner world of thinking. It is only a tool or a vehicle but this harmonically structured music leads us to where the water of life wells up from our inner nature, so that we are able to drink it.
Whether we are really able to drink it or not, we must then see.

If I fall asleep during this decisive moment, I cannot drink, of course. But if I succeed in staying awake, I have fulfilled a good pre-condition to be able to drink at all.

And if I am able to stay awake there, where I do not think at that inner source, where my thinking springs from , and if there beyond thinking I can be active as well as inactive with my innermost organs of knowledge: intellect, feeling and mind, then I am prepared enough to drink from the qualities of my soul:
All my inner organs of knowledge my intellect, my feeling, my mind, my inner sense of perception , they can all live on my soul, they can drink its energy of life, intelligence of life and harmony of life.

And they are only able to live on my soul anyway they cannot absorb any nourishment from outside this is a cosmic law and would be against nature.
We are here dealing with a closed inner world beyond thinking and/or within thinking, as my inner powers of life live within my mind as if in a house just like my mind then lives in my body as if in a house.

But my soul has the natural power, the actual say.

Violin Concert No. 4
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