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The Significance of the
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The Significance of
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The Significance of the
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Scientists of Tuebingen discover the Brain Regions responsible for
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Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Peter Hübner – The Significance of the Soul to Medicine

Present-day neuro-scientists have established in their studies that the functions of our mind and/or our thinking are connected to our neuro-physiology.
And some of them even think that the function of the mind depends on the function of neuro-physiology. This is quite true, and their studies are true as long as they measure people, who have not broken through that absolute sound barrier of our so-called civilised world: deep sleep who therefore only live in that limited mental frame of the first three main states of consciousness being awake, dreaming, deep sleep or better: as a result of the consequences arising from the loss of further states of consciousness, eke out their wretched unfulfilled existence on earth.

By breaking through this absolute sound barrier of deep sleep: by achieving the described fourth main state of consciousness, where a person does not think, but at the same time is wide awake, things change:
At this moment he penetrates for the first time in his life consciously beyond his thinking into the cosmic worlds of his inner human abilities: he reaches the worlds of his five senses and his mind, his feeling, intellect, self etc., and possibly even that mysterious universal world of his soul the point where harmony resides.

By regularly breaking further through that absolute sound barrier of our present civilised world: deep sleep the loss of life consciousness, powerlessness he step by step establishes the power of his inner human forces in his neuro-physiology and in his body, and so very gradually regulates his natural inner balance of power intended by nature.

By forming and/or re-structuring this natural hierarchy of our inner human powers, the soul wins back its natural rule, and so the person experiencing and/or the one practising finally carries the qualities of pure life in his mortal body with the consequences of comprehensive regeneration and recovery.

His inner organs of knowledge and creation very gradually in the end carry out their usual services for the soul and carry from here its natural qualities: vitality, intelligence of life and harmony of life into all inner cosmic human worlds: into the mind and beyond that the body.

And finally, neuro-scientists will establish in such people that here conditions are absolutely the other way round than for all those they have so far measured and examined but who all had in common the fact that they had only developed the first three main states of consciousness.

And for all those who have now broken through this aforementioned absolute sound barrier of the civilised world, and are starting to re-structure and/or re-arrange their whole inner cosmic-universal nature from the soul through the inner organs of knowledge and creation to the outside right to the external world of neuro-physiology, neuro-physiologists astonishingly establish: that contrary to present theories the mind rules the body.

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