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Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Peter Hübner – The Significance of our Consciousness to Medicine

Medizin Aktuell: By looking at a person – can you tell that he has developed higher states of consciousness?

Peter Hübner: Of course, you cannot see it from the outside, but only the person it concerns knows.
If I see a person sitting underneath a tree with closed eyes, I cannot tell whether he is just thinking about something – whether he is in relative waking consciousness, whether he is dreaming or whether he has fallen into the unconsciousness of deep sleep – or even whether he is dead.

And I cannot tell any better whether a person, who has discovered further states of consciousness, what his inner thoughts and feelings are like, and what kind of cosmic experience he is undergoing.
But at least it is good to hear for us that a human being who is cosmically developed, subjectively leads a mainly cosmic life in higher states of consciousness, and that he is less or hardly attached to anything we regard as the material orientated life of the so-called civilised world.

Medizin Aktuell: How can I imagine this in practice within the first three main states of consciousness – “leading a cosmic life”?

Peter Hübner: He might go to the market to buy bananas – but all this slides off his real inner thoughts and feeling like the rain that does not reach his face under his open umbrella or at least only very slightly.

Such a person, who has discovered further main states of consciousness, will, of course, distinguish himself through certain material conditions: he is – as objective scientific studies in the medical field show ever more clearly – first of all, in general, much healthier; then you notice that he is not after material advantages so much, he is also happier and more content.
And later he will surely be categorised as socio-politically successful – as we find this with the great thinkers of mankind.

Medizin Aktuell: Well, that is a fine prospect!

Peter Hübner: And of course: he is not afraid of death, because for him, it does not exist.
Death, to him, is only a reality of life for those people in the so-called civilised world, who only got to know the first three main states of consciousness.

Not before the breaking through of the absolute sound barrier of the so-called civilised world: deep sleep – the unconsciousness and loss of one’s own consciousness of life –, is the experience of death switched off, and correspondingly the fear of death.
And later one also realises that death is a sheer illusion, which in the state of ignorance – that is what the conglomeration of the first three main states of consciousness is called in retrospect –, is absolutely natural.

Whilst the non-cosmic person “knows” death from his own kind of experience through the third main state of consciousness of deep sleep – unconsciousness: the loss of his own consciousness of life, the cosmic person has switched off this experience of death connected with deep sleep by breaking through this state of consciousness, and has replaced it with the natural experience of immortality.

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