Faster Breakdown of the Protein Content in the
Urine of Pregnant Women with OPH-Syndrome
Under investigation were pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy with a mild degree of OPH-syn­drome (gestosis – neph­ropa­thy – with swellings at the feet, later at the whole body, hypertension, too much pro­tein in urine).

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® Group

For 7-10 days 13 women listened to the Medi­cal Resonance Therapy Music® in the morning and after lunch and had no other therapy dur­ing these days.
Through the treatment with the Medical Reso­nance Therapy Music® the protein content in the urine was broken down within 4-5 days.
Control Group

14 women in this group received sedative and hypotensive drugs as well as a phy­to­thera­peu­tic treatment.
Through the medical drug treatment the pro­tein content in the urine was also effectively broken down, but it took much longer as in the MRT-group.
By a computer problem the exact data got lost.



Prof. Dr. med. G. Gerassimowitsch
Prof. Dr. med. Walentina Sidorenko
Dr. med. Swetlana Scheleg

We would like to state that the objective scientific research studies were conducted with the Compact-Discs.