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For the Release of Psycho-Physiological Manifestations of Stress
Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
in the Field of Education
The scientific application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music as core of a future-oriented universal education1
Due to its manifold international research results2 the application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music3, as we find it in Medical Resonance Therapy Music4, lead to a new branch of scientific medicine5.

With this an entire new kind of medicine6 was developed in the pharmaceutical field7 exerting a universal, harmonising influence8, particularly on the neuro-physiology.
The consequence of this then is, next to others, that in regard to blood pressure too high blood pressure9 is reduced and too low blood pressure is raised by the very same harmonical preparation or that for instance in regard to the hormone status10 too low hormone levels are raised and too high hormone levels are reduced – and in each case to the individual standard level. Therefore in very many cases the use of medication can be cut in half by using harmonical preparations.

Thus, with this new branch of scientific medicine, a totally new, future-oriented and in particular: natural pharmaceutical technology11 is at our disposal at the same time – without any harming side effects whatsoever, as we know them from the chemical products.

From this performance of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music in medicine12 verified by diverse scientific measurements13 at many universities and research institutions of the world it was not a long way to education14 anymore and here the scientific application of the harmony laws of nature finds its way into the universities and schools of the world and does not only give them the possibility to investigate and apply these harmony laws in the field of a universal human education but the scientific utilisation of these harmony laws even forms the scientific core of the universal education program of the University of the Future15.

Link list:
  1. Introduction to the University of the Future
  2. Scientific Research
  3. Peter Huebner - Nature’s Laws of Harmony in the Microcosm of Music
  4. Medical Music Preparations on CD
  5. WHO
  6. Peter Huebner - Music as a Harmonic Medical Data Carrier
  7. Peter Huebner - The Future of Pharmaceutics
  8. Peter Huebner - The Significance of the Soul to Medicine
  9. Peter Huebner - The Significance of Our Consciousness to Medicine
  10. Peter Huebner - The Significance of the Soul in Human Evolution
  11. Normalization of Hemodynamic Parameters
  12. Prof. Dr. med. A. Reznikov - Harmonic Therapy of Digital Pharmaceutics
    Scientific Research
  13. Peter Huebner - Nature’s Laws of Harmony in the Microcosm of Music
  14. Prof. Dr. med. W. Sidorenko - The Effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® on the Unborn Child
  15. Congresses
  16. University of the Future
Medical Music Preparations on CD
RRR 101 Vital Energy
Vital Energy

RRR 102 Harmony

RRR 103 Hormone and Immune System
Disorders of the
Hormone & Immune System

RRR 105 Gynecological Disorders
Gynecological Disorders

RRR 106 Sleep Disorders
Sleep Disorders

RRR 128 Concentration / Memory
Concentration / Memory

RRR 133 Headache / Migraine
Headache / Migraine

RRR 921 Courage to Face Life
Courage to Face Life

RRR 931 Relaxation
RRR 932 General Stress Symptoms
General Stress Symptoms

RRR 933 Neurodermatitis / Psoriasis
Neurodermatitis / Psoriasis

RRR 940 Cardiac and Circulatory Disorders
Cardiac &
Circulatory Disorders

RRR 934 Pregnancy and Birth
Pregnancy & Birth

RRR 935 Creativity

RRR 942 Mother and Child
Mother & Child

RRR 943 Pains / Postoperative Pains
Pains / Postoperative Pains

RRR 951 Mental Distress / Fear
Mental Distress / Fear

RRR 941 Neurophysiological and Sensory Disorders
Neurophysiological &
Sensory Disorders

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