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M E D I C A L   R E S O N A N C E   T H E R A P Y   M U S I C®
R E D U C T I O N   O F   P S Y C H O – P H Y S I O L O G I C A L   M A N I F E S T A T I O N S   O F   S T R E S S


Research Fields Summary

Health of the Nervous System






Multiple Sclerosis



Arterial Nerves of the Arteries

Mental & Sensory Abilities

Cardiovascular Health

Health of the Hormone System

Health of the Immune System

Health of the Regenerative System

Healthy Sleep

Healthy Blood

Faster Recovery

Less Medication

Vital Energy


Release of STRESS


Women’s Health



Gynecological Surgery

Other Gynecological Problems

Children’s Health

Health of the Elderly

Health of Ear, Nose & Throat

Reduction of Pain




Health of the Skin



Health of Mind & Senses


Psychological Health

Release of STRESS


Reduction of Anxiety

Courage to Face Life

Reducing Negative Values

Strengthening Positive Values



Exposure to Radioactivity

Mother & Child



Scientific Studies and Clinical Observations – Summary
Psychological Health
Courage to Face Life – Strengthening Positive Values
  • Dispersion of mental manifestations of stress: normalization of the mental functions after gynecological surgery: there was complete normalization of 77.8% of the factors of the mental profile.
    In 11.1% of the factors there was a significant improvement and 11.1% of factors became worse.
    The levels for the control group: there was complete normalization of 10% of the factors, 10% showed significant improvement and 20% became worse. 10% of the factors became predominantly worse, 10% remained unchanged and 40% displayed vague effects.
    The common average profile after treatment with MRT-Music® showed a complete normalization of the mental functions. In respect to mood, 69% of the reports showed a significant improvement in mood and reported a feeling of an internal uplifting of the spirits.

  • In 90% of the applications the epilepsy sufferers experienced as a result of the MRT Music®: a calming effect, dispersion of tension, a raising of the spirits, a reduction in frequent mood-swings, reduced violent outbursts of temper, reduced touchiness, a general improvement in the state of their health.

  • Dispersion of mental manifestations of stress in patients with multiple sclerosis, characterized by two processes:
    firstly the effective reappraisal of previously undigested experiences, secondly an unusually deep experience of harmonic values such as trust, security, love, gratitude, inner peace, hope, confidence, freedom from worry, creativity, zest for life and happiness.

  • Reducing irritability and improving composure in children with diabetes: In addition to the conventional treatment with diet and insulin preparations the 30 children in this group listened to Medical Resonance Therapy Music® for ten days, each day in the resting hour between 13 and 14 hours using headphones and compact disc. 80% of them experienced in this way a significant reduction of their irritability and showed greater composure.

  • Normalisation of mental functions after uterine fibromyom surgery: By the treatment with the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® within the context of the complex therapy great changes in the mental profile took place – in 77,8% of the factors a complete normalization established – in 11,1% of the factors a significant improvement became evident – in 11,1% of the factors a deterioration occurred. The common average profile after the treatment with the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® did not surpass 50-55 t-points, indicating a complete normalization of the mental functions in this group on average.

  • Improvement of restless and melancholy emotional states in pregnant women under threat of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy: Evaluating the MMPI a healing effect of the MRT-Music® could be documented in 14 out of 15 pregnant women. The improvement in the mood and the general state stood at 87% of the reports. At the end of the treatment with the MRT-Music® the mental state of 69,2% of the women was normal again; there was no incidence of a deterioration in the mental state.
    The results of the control group: in 40% a complete normalization, in 40% a further aggravation of the state.

  • Release of psycho-physiological manifestations of stress in older patients with atherosclerotic encephalopathy: The patients experienced very often a deep muscular relaxation combined with a sensation of warmth and with ease and sleepiness. Furthermore the symptoms “bad mood”, “lethargy”, “tension” and “touchiness” were significantly reduced or even completely released. Over and over again they reported of a release of stress, of the acquisition of distance from unpleasant things, the experience of gentleness, inner peace, a kind of freedom from care and a spiritual state of mind.

  • Reinforcement of positive values in children suffering from radiation sickness: all of the children experienced a significant reduction or dispersion of their fears and worries and a significant fall in the level of personal unrest. In 40% of them the effects went far beyond the reduction of the negative characteristics.
    The evaluations showed above all: a growing feeling of joy, growing satisfaction and inner well-being, a deep feeling of restfulness after listening to the music and an increase in their creative powers. It was obvious how, through the calming and stress-dispersing influence of the music, through its reducing of the anxieties and worries and especially through the deep experience of positive values, the course of the somatic illness also became better.

  • Stimulation of imagination in older people with atherosclerotic encephalopathy: Many of the patients reported of an intensive stimulation of their imagination and experienced during listening to the music for in-stance “a forest”, “a lake”, “flowing water”, “sun light” and many other experiences.

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