Reduction of Blood Pressure in Children with a Tonisympathic Form of Vegetative Angiodystonia
Under investigation were 101 children with a tonisympathic form of vegetative angiodystonia. The children received as conventional therapy a complex treatment composed of sedative drugs, physio­ther­apy, electric sleep therapy, elec­tro­pho­re­sis, magnet therapy.

We formed two groups
  1. an experimental group of 51 children who in addition to the conventional ther­apy were treated for two weeks two times per day with MRT-Music® for 30-60 minutes each, using compact disc and head phones
  2. a control group of 50 children receiving the conventional treatment only


MRT-Music® group A

A positive effect took place already after the first treatment and had stabilized already after 3-4 treatments (2 days). The general state of health improved, breaths per minutes re­duced by 1,9 breaths on average, systolic blood pressure reduced by 6.1 mm hg on av­er­age, diastolic blood pressure by 4.0 mm hg.

In two patients with symptomatic hypotension no effect was observed. During the whole treatment no negative side effects were re­corded.
Control Group

Here the first improvements of health were re­corded after 7-8 days.



Dr. med. J. Komlikow
Dr. med. N. Senowa
Prof. Dr. med. W. Sidorenko
Dr. med. A. Lyschtschik