Activation of Anti-Oxidising Processes in Patients with Severe Radiation Sickness and Autonomic Neural Cerebrovascular Disorders

Under investigation were 32 patients, who had lived in the neighborhood of the nuclear reactor of Chernobyl or who had fought the accident and in consequence suffered from autonomous neural and cerebrovascular dis­or­ders. For 10 days they listened to Medical Resonance Therapy Music® each day for 30-40 minutes.

After the treatment we recorded the
following changes

Regression of spontaneous chemo-luminosity and malonic aldehyt levels in blood by 70% with a simultaneous rise in the erythrocid resistance to peroxide of 52% and a har­moni­za­tion of the amplitudinal characteristics of the electrical potentials of the skin. These pa­rame­ters mark an effective reduction of stress.



Dr. med. I. Stepanenko
Dr. med. D. Sutkovoy
Prof. Dr. med. A. Reznikov