Reduction of Headaches in Older People with Atherosclerotic Encephalopathy
Under investigation were 25 men and women at the age of 50 – 70 years with a beginning atherosclerotic encephalopathy.

The patients were treated with both relaxing and activating Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. There were 10 treatments in total, each treatment lasting from 10 to 30 minutes. Starting with a habituation phase of 10 min­utes the treatment was expanded step by step up to 30 minutes. During the first three treat­ments relaxing MRT-Music® was given, in the following four treatments the patients received activating MRT-Music; during the last three treatments they received in the first 10 min­utes relaxing and in the following 20 minutes activating MRT-Music®.

During the whole time of treatment with Medi­cal Resonance Therapy Music® the patients did not receive any medication effecting the central nervous system.

Of the 25 patients 21 had headaches. Since the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® was part of a conventional treatment and there was no control group a result determinable in percentage was not possible. The treatment was successful: at the end 15 patients were free of headaches, 5 experienced a clear im­prove­ment and 1 patient did not get better. Looking to the protocols of the patients writ­ten before and after each MRT-Music® treat­ment, it becomes obvious that MRT-Music® had an essential share in this. Here an ex­em­plary evaluation which documents the in­flu­ence of the music.

a) relaxing music
  1. before treatment:
    14 patients with
    severe headaches

  2. after treatment:
    10 patients with
    slight headaches and
    4 patients pain free

b) activating music
  1. before treatment:
    2 patients with strong
    headaches and 7 patients
    with slight headaches

  2. after treatment:
    2 patients with slight
    headaches and 7 patients
    without headaches



Prof. Dr. med. A. Reznikov
Prof. Dr. med. G. Butenko
Dr. med. N. Bachinskaya
Dr. med. S. Litovchenko