Improved Immune Status in Children with Hearing Abnormalities and Suffering from Radiation Sickness
Under investigation were 44 children with ra­dia­tion sickness at the age of 4-14 years with pathologies of the ear – developed from sup­pu­ra­tive otitis media, chronic secretory otitis media as well as tubal disorders and chronic exsudative otitis media.

The children were treated with MRT-Music® for 8-12 days, each day 1 or 2 times per cd and headphones. Listening time was not limited and depended on the wish of the children.

For the children below six years of age the treatment time averaged 30 minutes, most of the children at the age 13 / 14 years wanted to listen to the whole piece (70 minutes). Next to the treatment with MRT-Music® the children received different vitamin b’s, spasmolytica, disinfecting preparations and biostimulators.

Before the treatment the immunogram of the children showed humoral disorders. Two weeks after the treatment the immunogram of 25% of the patients was normal. Normalization re­garded the AMG-factor, cellular immunity and the t- and b-lymphocytes. In the rest of the pa­tients immune status improved clearly.



Dr. med. Elena Merkulowa