Reducing Headache Frequency in Patients with Severe Radiation Sickness and Autonomic Neural Cerebrovascular Disorders
Under investigation were 32 patients, who had lived in the neighborhood of the nuclear re­ac­tor of Chernobyl or who had fought the ac­ci­dent and in consequence suffered from auto­no­mous neural and cerebrovascular dis­or­ders. For 10 days they listened to Medical Resonance Therapy Music® each day for 30-40 minutes.

Next to other health problems they suffered from headaches and most of them reported of a redeeming reduction of these pains. Some of the patients did not like the MRT-Music® and did not want to listen to it, because when lis­ten­ing to it they experienced a slight in­ten­si­fi­ca­tion of their headaches.
When the doctors explained to them that start­ing healing processes sometimes may be ac­com­panied by slight healing pain and that they should listen to MRT-Music® irregardless of the headache, they continued.

Already at the fourth day they experienced during MRT-Music® treatment and afterwards a significant reduction of their headaches and then asked by themselves to continue with the treatment.


The occurrence of headache was con­tinu­ously documented in protocols. Prior to MRT-Music® treatment frequency averaged 95%, af­ter 10 days of treatment this fell to an av­er­age of 12%.



Dr. med. I. Stepanenko
Dr. med. D. Sutkovoy
Prof. Dr. med. A. Reznikov