Faster Breakdown of the Protein Content in the
Urine of Pregnant Women with OPH-Syndrome
Under investigation were pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy with a mild degree of OPH-syn­drome (gestosis – neph­ropa­thy – with swellings at the feet, later at the whole body, hypertension, too much pro­tein in urine).

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® Group

For 7-10 days 13 women listened to the Medi­cal Resonance Therapy Music® in the morning and after lunch and had no other therapy dur­ing these days.
Through the treatment with the Medical Reso­nance Therapy Music® the protein content in the urine was broken down within 4-5 days.
Control Group

14 women in this group received sedative and hypotensive drugs as well as a phy­to­thera­peu­tic treatment.
Through the medical drug treatment the pro­tein content in the urine was also effectively broken down, but it took much longer as in the MRT-group.
By a computer problem the exact data got lost.



Prof. Dr. med. G. Gerassimowitsch
Prof. Dr. med. Walentina Sidorenko
Dr. med. Swetlana Scheleg