Improvement of Fetal Heart Activity in Pregnant Women with an OPH-Syndrome

With the help of a cardiotocogram the heart activity of the fetus was investigated.
The women were in the third trimester of pregnancy and suffered from a mild form of the OPH-syndrome (gestoses – nephropathy – with swellings at the feet, later at the whole body, hypertension, too much protein in urine) and the status of the fetal heart activity was problematic.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® Group

For 7-10 days 13 women with an average age of 26 years (±0,6) listened to the Medical Reso-nance Therapy Music® in the morning and after lunch and had no other therapy dur­ing these days.

The cardiotocogram documented in 86% of the investigations a normalisation of the state of the fetus. This was also subjectively con­firmed by the pregnants who felt better and better. Already after the 6th sitting ac­cel­era­tions and variability of fetal heart beat had im­proved documenting an improved function of the fetal-placental system. Treatment could be ended after 12 days (±1) in this group.
Control Group

14 women in this group received sedative and hypotensive drugs as well as a phy­to­thera­peu­tic treatment. The state of the fetus also normalised after 6 treatments with drugs, but it took on average 3-4 days longer before the normal state was reached. The mean duration of treatment in this group was 14 days (±2).



Prof. Dr. med. Reznikov
Dr. med. A. Yakovlev