Faster Insulin Process Stabilization in Children with Diabetes
Under investigation were 60 children at the age of 7 – 12 with a recently diagnosed dia­be­tes in the depolisation stadium D1 and D2 (without ketoacidoses). All children came from areas contaminated by the nuclear accident of Chernobyl and were divided into an ex­peri­men­tal group of 30 patients and a control group of 30 patients.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® Group and Control Group

In addition to the conventional treatment with diet and insulin preparations the 30 children in the experimental group listened to Medical Resonance Therapy Music® for ten days, each day in the resting hour between 13 and 14 hours using headphones and compact disc.
19 children (64%) experienced in this way a significantly faster insulin process stabilization and adaptability to the new state than the chil­dren in the control group.



Dr. med. Tatjana Homitschuk