Normalization of the Menstruation Cycle
Normalization of Dysfunctional Juvenile
Uterine Hemorrhaging
Under investigation were 20 girls at the age of 12 to 16 years with dis­func­tional hemorrhaging.

To reestablish homeostasis in the organism they re­ceived a complex medical drug therapy: ascorbic acid 1g per day, dizinon 0,75 – 1,5 mg per day, cal­cium­glu­conat 1,5 – 2 mg per day.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® Group

This group counted 12 girls who – in addition to their drug therapy – listened once or twice per day to the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® for 40-60 minutes.

9 girls regained ho­meo­sta­sis already at the fourth day of treat­ment, one girl reached it after taking synthetic progestine (preparation “phemodem”). By ap­ply­ing Medical Reso­nance Therapy Music® the girls of this group could leave the hospital on average two days earlier than the girls in the control group.

In 9 girls normalization oc­curred double as quick as in the control group and they could go home already after 5 days.
Control Group

This group counted 8 girls, who were ex­clu­sively treated with medical drugs.

Here the girls reached homeostasis at the eighth day, but one of them regained it only partially. 4 of the girls regained it after taking synthetic progestines.



Dr. med. A. Kusnezowa
Prof. Dr. med. W. Sidorenko
Dr. med. L. Guljaewa
Dr. med. A. Borssukow
Dr. med. A. Sawjalowa
Dr. med. L. Mozhejko