Reducing the Extent of the Disease in
Patients with Neurodermatitis

Under investigation was the question, in how far Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has an effect on the extent of the illness in patients suffering from neurodermatitis (neu­roder­ma­titis constitutionalis atopica).

For this purpose an experimental group of 28 patients was formed, who in addition to the normal treatment listened to Medical Reso­nance Therapy Music®, as well as a control group with 10 patients who received the con­ven­tional treatment “only“. The patients were between 18 and 60 years of age.

The music treatment was given over a period of 14 days, three times a day (morning, noon, evening) for 30 minutes each. All patients stayed at the hospital and were treated ac­cord­ing to the individual degree of the dis­ease. The different variables as different sick­ness degrees, internal and external me­di­ca­tion as well as already made experiences with other relaxation techniques were kept con­stant over the two groups, this also applied for age and sex.

For therapeutic reasons we could not give up the ongoing treatments with internal and ex­ter­nal medication during the treatment with Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, therefore we made a protocol of using the medications in regard to a specific or general treatment and kept also these variables constant within both groups. The doctor evaluated the status of the skin and the extent of the illness ac­cord­ing to a five step scale before and after the treatment.

The evaluations document that the extent of the illness reduced clearly in both groups: by 41% in the Medical Resonance Therapy Mu­sic® group and by 12% in the control group.

These results confirm that Medical Reso­nance Therapy Music® is a valuable thera­peu­tic tool for neurodermatitis patients to help re­duce the extent of the illness.



Dr. med. Lazaroff
Dr. med. Shimshoni

We would like to state that the objective scientific research studies were conducted with the Compact-Discs.