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M E D I C A L   R E S O N A N C E   T H E R A P Y   M U S I C®
R E D U C T I O N   O F   P S Y C H O – P H Y S I O L O G I C A L   M A N I F E S T A T I O N S   O F   S T R E S S


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Brain Asymmetry Epilepsy

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Strengthening of Natural Harmony in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
The therapy program was composed of 4 therapeutic blocks of 6 days each. In these 6 days the patients were treated with 19 dif­fer­ent compositions of Medical Resonance Ther­apy Music® in a specific sequence.

Three treatments per day were given in­di­vidu­ally in the room (morning, noon, and evening) and two treatments per day in the group (be­fore lunch and afternoon) Therapy time per day was 4-5 hours. The whole program of 4 blocks was taken by 3 ms-patients (Mr A, 41 years old, development of ms in attacks with partly remissions; Mrs B, 52 years old, slow chronically progressing form of ms; Mrs C, 36 years old, development of ms in attacks with partly remissions).

14 other patients took part for 2 therapy blocks only. Even if their data were not evaluated in detail for this study their general development was along the same lines. Before starting with the treatment and after each therapy block the patients judged their mental state ac­cord­ing to well-being and a depression scale after Dr. Zerssen, Munich.

The reports documented a slight improvement in well-being and decrease in depressive moods, even if here great individual variations were observed.

The subjective experience was char­ac­ter­ised by two different aspects
  1. an intensive and effective reappraisal of previously undigested experiences – as a release of past mental stress situa­tions

  2. unusually deep experience of har­mo­ni­ous values such as trust, security, love, gratitude, inner peace, hope, con­fi­dence, freedom from worry, creativity, zest for life and happiness.



Dr. med. Mihr