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ペーター・ヒューブナー - マイクロ・ミュージック研究所
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Prof. Dr. med. Konrad Taubert  •  Headache & Migraine
Medical Resonance Therapy Music® effects a re­duc­tion in anxiety and pain (two aspects which play an essential part in the development of headaches).

Normalization of the body’s own morphine occurs (a process which is also of the greatest significance for headaches and migraine).

Sleeping patterns normalize (a well-rested pa­tient can better withstand the stress of eve­ry­day life, than is possible after a sleepless night. This considerably reduces the grounds for headaches).

Antioxidant processes are activated (this thera­peu­tic principle has long been used in the treatment of headaches, but within the frame­work of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® this occurs in a completely risk-free and pleasant manner).

I also see a great significance for Medical Resonance Therapy Music® in the following areas of migraine treatment:

– prevention of hyper-excitability
– prevention and reduction
   of muscular tension
normalization of bodily disrhythmia
The many possible effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® have since become the subject of intensive research.

Results in treating victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe show that headaches, above all, can be improved with Medical Reso­nance Therapy Music® – and this has since been confirmed by numerous patients in Germany. This is also particularly sup­ported by the results achieved in Kiev by Prof. Dr. med. Reznikov at the Academy of Sciences, which I would like to briefly report here:

All the signs indicate that, with Medical Resonance Therapy Music, we once again have at our disposal an ancient natural method of strengthening the health of migraine sufferers, a method which is not only com­pletely risk-free, but which is also completely undemanding and very inexpensive. Due to the pleasant effects it has on the spirit, psyche and body, it is keenly used and, as such, rep­re­sents an ideal holistic com­ple­ment to every form of migraine treatment.

The Application of
Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

As, in most cases, migraine is already a chronic illness, the organism has long become used to functioning in an unnatural way in those areas responsible for the illness. Therefore, any stimulus towards restoration of the organism’s natural way of functioning must be carried out regularly, but without any work or effort. That is: you should allow the natural laws of harmony of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® to work upon your organism as often as you are able – until you find its normal, healthy way of functioning restored.

The composer recommends that you sit comfortably or lie down and close your eyes to listen to Medical Resonance Therapy Music. You should not try to fathom out the music intellectually, but simply let it take its effect on you.

Ideally you should start listening to Medical Resonance Therapy Music® in the morning: put on the headphones before you get up and let the music activate your vital energies in a gentle and harmonic way.

It is also advisable to listen to this music in the rest-break following lunch as part of a digestive nap. And even if you only have a quarter of an hour’s time here, you will be able to do some good, pleasant, completely effortless training of your natural inner functions.

It has proved particularly beneficial to enjoy Medical Resonance Therapy Music® in the evening and give your organism the opportunity of thorough recovery and natural regeneration after the ups and downs of the day.

Listening in the evening could become part of your daily routine – which is not difficult for most people, since this music is generally found extremely pleasant anyway.

It is very simple and very pleasant to listen to Medical Resonance Therapy Music® before going to sleep. When doing this, you can also set the player to repeat mode and let the music gently nurse you into an extremely restful sleep. To wake up in the night and fall back to sleep with the music has proved to be extremely pleasant.

Such phases of substantial strengthening during ones nightly rest are good training for the organism to function more harmonically again.

To finish off, another piece of advice essential for achieving maximum success with Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. The composer recommends you listen to the music on compact disc and use headphones if at all possible. CDs ensure that the quality of audio reproduction is acceptably high and they are also very durable. Headphones ensure that the listener is isolated from potential disturbance from ambient noise.

Medical Music Preparations on CD
RRR 106 Sleep Disorders
Sleep Disorders


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