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The Significance of the
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Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Peter Hübner – The Significance of the Soul to Medicine

My thinking and everything I perceive is no longer created elsewhere more or less over the top of my head , but it develops here through my inner organ of speech, through my speaking. Here at last I understand the statement from my own experience:
In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. In the beginning it was with God. Everything was created through the word, and without the word nothing was created what has become. In it was life, and this life was the light of mankind.
– according to the state of development of awareness and/or unfoldment of awareness.

Of course, it goes without saying that all this can only be experienced after that absolute sound barrier of the civilised world has been broken: deep sleep.
It is interesting to experience how the inner organ of speech works, how it creates the audible, that what is to be tasted, to be smelt or the visible precisely: those elements that were on various occasions discussed at this conference.

Whilst I think in my dream and/or I realise: oh, I am running around, I see this and that, I hear this and that, I smell one thing and the other, or I taste many things, whilst I go out to eat in my dream I always realise: the creator of all this is my inner organ of speech.

It is interesting that the Bible and other holy scriptures say: God spoke and created he created the world through his word.
After breaking through the third main state of consciousness that absolute sound barrier of the civilised world: deep sleep, we realise more and more clearly: we create our entire thinking through speaking nothing else. Our speaking ability, our organ of speech is sufficient to bring forth our entire thinking: to conjure it up in our mind in full splendour. There is nothing we may think that we have not created inside with our inner voice quite contrary to our outer voice.

And it looks as if from here we can learn to understand the original natural meaning of the structure of a sound.

When I personally experience the structure of a tone and/or a sound or word, then I quite often grasp the original natural meaning of this sound and/or word.
But I am not the only one with this ability, I know others who are developing this ability because nowadays we can learn such a thing again.

But also in history there have been people again and again, who, when hearing a sound and/or a word, immediately knew what it meant: meant originally.
We are not talking about a language, as we know or assess it today. So it is not like Chinese or English we are only talking about the structure of a sound, which has its natural original meaning in itself such as the body the soul, which we can experience and grasp.

And we can experience and grasp this language structure with all senses, and proof for this as an archetypal example is: our dream.

But fundamentally, it is no different in the state of wakefulness. For also in wakeful consciousness our thinking follows the same cosmic laws as in our dream consciousness.
The only difference as far as thinking as such is concerned is that we are awake and also dreaming.

But our thinking process is the same with regard to its mechanism.
Nature did not have to produce two different things but one mechanism regulates both aspects of thinking in the wakeful consciousness and dream consciousness.

Hymns of the Great Stream No. 4
With kind permission of AAR EDITION INTERNATIONAL

Subject to change in the interests of scientific advancement.