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Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Peter Hübner – The Significance of our Consciousness to Medicine

Medizin Aktuell: Herr Hübner, in this context it is not a coincidence that you are talking about breaking through the third known main state of consciousness: deep sleep – that state, where a person falls into mental unconsciousness, and even loses his consciousness of life – where he no longer even knows that he exists: where the question of his existence no longer arises at all – can arise …

Peter Hübner: … where the ability to ask him the question about his existence at all has gone astray; because to ask a question, somebody must be there in the first place to ask the question.

Medizin Aktuell: And that person is no longer there during deep sleep – because the person in deep sleep has even lost his own consciousness of life.

Peter Hübner: That is right. For this reason we have to learn to break through this third main state of consciousness of deep sleep ...

Medizin Aktuell: ... this “absolute sound barrier of our so-called civilised world’ – as you often call it.

Peter Hübner: In modern civilisation – above all of western character – it is typical that the people, who are the least scientifically, culturally or humanely educated in general, like to apply this term to themselves and their ruined world full of unsolved problems.

Medizin Aktuell: You probably mean our politicians you criticise in a clear and unmistakable way, as we all know.

Peter Hübner: Unfortunately!

Medizin Aktuell: Their “so-called civilised world” has no knowledge of further states of consciousness – except perhaps in modern scientific medicine; because there at the University of Berkeley in California two young scientists already discovered and proved a fourth main state of consciousness at the end of the sixties, i.e. a completely new state of consciousness for science, when using Transcendental Meditation.

Peter Hübner: I have known one of these two scientists for more than thirty years, and for quite some time there has almost been a friendship between us.

Medizin Aktuell: It is also interesting that the other one has just been awarded the Hans-Selye-Prize as the founder and manager of the Mind-Body-Institute at Harvard University during the congress in Hawaii at which you gave your talk.
Hans Selye is the predecessor of Prof Dr Paul Rosch MD, the present president of the American Institute of Stress, and he was the first to mould the term “stress”, as we know it today and use internationally. He introduced this term “stress” into objective scientific medicine.

Peter Hübner: The experience and finding of this fourth main state of consciousness, which necessarily requires the aforementioned breaking through of the absolute sound barrier of our civilised world of deep sleep, provides us with initial findings and knowledge of inner cosmic areas of life, which before were completely closed to us in the narrow context of the first three main states of consciousness.

Medizin Aktuell: And it is not as if, when first overcoming deep sleep, you now suddenly knew it all, and everything was clear as to what other things existed beyond our material world!?

Peter Hübner: No – only very gradually do the so far unknown cosmic worlds beyond our deep sleep open up to us. And when we break through the wall of our deep sleep again and again, we finally realise that and how the material world is a product of the mental world, which again is a product of the powers further inside: deeper lying cosmic worlds – up to the soul and/or to the universal world of the soul and beyond this.

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