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M E D I C A L   R E S O N A N C E   T H E R A P Y   M U S I C®
R E D U C T I O N   O F   P S Y C H O – P H Y S I O L O G I C A L   M A N I F E S T A T I O N S   O F   S T R E S S


Research Fields in Detail



Psychovegetative Syndrome

Reducing Irritability

Reducing Sleep Disorders

Reduction of Cortisol

Reduction of Cortisol

Improvement of the
Mental State

Epilepsy Treatment

Activation of
Anti-Oxidising Processes

Reduction of
Sleep Disorders


Epileptic Seizures

Reducing Stress

Sleep Disorders

Normalisation of Sleep


Improvement of Sleep

Vacuum Aspiration

Psychosomatic Status

Reducing Sleep Disorders

Pregnant Women

Release of Stress

Normalisation of
Mental Functions

Reduction of
Psycho-Emotional Stress

Calming of the Fetus



Reducing Psycho-Emotional Stress in Pregnant Women with Somatic Disorders in the Last Month of Pregnancy

When the time of labor comes nearer many pregnant women experience increasing anxi­ety and/or emotional stress. These pa­rame­ters were measured by the help of the color choosing test of Luescher (H. Luescher 1994) in an experimental group of patients listening to Medical Resonance Therapy Music® in ad­di­tion to a conventional treatment with medical drugs and physio-therapeutic exercises and in a control group with the conventional treat­ment only.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® Group

In addition to the conventional treatment the 15 women in this group listened for seven days each day for one hour to the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® right after the physio-therapeutic exercises.

At the end of the treatment psychoemotional stress was lowered by 47%.
Control Group

This 10 women in this group received the conventional treatment “only” and no sig­nifi­cant changes in the status of the emotional stress level were documented.



Prof. Dr. med. A. Reznikov
Dr. med. A. Yakovlev