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Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Prof. Dr. med. Gunther Hildebrandt  • Chronobiological Aspects of Music Physiology

The transparent harmonic order is, however, compared to the demand on functional per­form­ance very delicate, and constantly needs to be regenerated in peace and rest­ful­ness. This occurs mostly during sleep at night.

Illustration 11 e.g. shows average daily plot of the frequency ratio of heart and breath­ing rhythm in groups of healthy people under regular conditions of rest.
The normal whole numbered ratio of 4:1 (cf. illustration 10) is only seldom maintained the entire day, mostly there are great deviations in both directions, the size of which was here based on the group formation. During the night, however, after some hours of sleep, all curves converge in a very limited area, that of the whole numbered norm 4:1 (so called nightly normalization of the rhythmic functional order).

Illustration 11

Av­er­age daily plots of the pulse-breath-fre­quency quo­tient of a to­tal of 89 healthy sub­jects who were di­vided into five groups ac­cord­ing to the 24-hour av­er­age value of the quo­tient. The brack­ets de­scribe the area of the av­er­age error of the av­er­age val­ues. Note the nightly nor­mali­za­tion be­tween 12.00 and 3.00 a.m. which oc­curs in­de­pend­ently from the di­rec­tion of the de­via­tion dur­ing the day.

PÖLLMANN (According to dates by PÖLLMANN 1991)

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