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  • The medical “miracle”: the harmony laws of nature provide holistic medical care to the victims of Chernobyl.

    The nuclear accident at Chernobyl
    The use of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music in the Chernobyl-medicine in Belarus and Ukraine

    The Chernobyl nuclear accident has put the industrial nations’ professional medical world to the hardest of tests and, within only a few years, has revealed to the experts the limits of their previous capabilities.

    Born Too Soon Leading medical experts from all corners of the world have been tackling and are still tackling this problem – an international research and development plan of enormously far-reaching implications –, in the course of which medical experts have forged completely new paths.

    Born Too Soon At all levels of physiology – from changes in the genetic make-up and changes in the blood composition to the widespread incidence of cancer – the Chernobyl nuclear accident has produced numerous awful illnesses. However, conventional medicine with its special methods of treatment looks hopelessly on here, because the atomic contamination has shattered the very basis of the people’s health to such a degree that in some individuals continually new illnesses develop, which then constantly require new specific methods of treatment.

    Born To Soon This phenomenon really called for a holistic medical approach. For this reason leading medical scientists recognized a great potential particularly in Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, with its focused application of the universal harmony laws of biological life, and the research findings so far confirm that this holistic medical approach is correct.

    A whole series of studies with Medical Resonance Therapy Music® are taking place in universities and scientific institutions in other countries too, mainly in the western world. But the scientific application of the harmony laws of biological life in treating the contaminated victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster is, without a doubt, the greatest medical challenge that Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has faced – as, of course, have faced all other medical treatment methods as well.

    The Chernobyl disaster occurred on 26 April 1986 near the Ukrainian city of Pripyat, when the nuclear reactor exploded at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station and unleashed several trillion becquerels of radioactivity.

    The radioactive substances that reached the Earth’s atmosphere contaminated as fallout mainly the region northeast of Chernobyl as well as many countries in Europe. About 70% of the radioactive material went down on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

    In their report “Chernobyl – Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment” which was published in 2009 by the NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, the scientists Alexey Yablokov, Alexey and Vassily Nesterenko and Janette Sherman Nevinger show that until now worldwide about 1 million people have died from the consequences of this nuclear accident.

    After the reactor accident, especially governments from the industrial nations of the world had sent medical experts to the affected areas in order to gain knowledge here about the medical effects of the radiation and to help.

    The doctors delegated to the region, however, had to find that neither the conventional means of modern scientific medicine nor the pharmaceutical manufacturers with their product developments could help the victims of Chernobyl. Conventional scientific medicine was not prepared for such a nuclear accident.

    At the end, the medical missions had to be stopped without having accomplished anything, and the medical director of operations of the team sent by the German government could only tell the German public on television, that all means had failed: that the current state of medical science were not prepared for nuclear radiation and that they could just bring the children chocolate – nothing more.

    One must also consider, that after the nuclear accident the emergence and spread of most various disease symptoms increased in the affected areas so rapidly that the doctors could not handle it anymore.

    What later came out and was important for the successful turnaround in the medical procedure is the fact that already before the Chernobyl disaster the KGB tested and used the harmonical music recordings of the Classical Composer & Musicologist Peter Hübner for years as anti-STRESS programs for its members, and that these programs were also successfully used in the manned space projects of the Soviet Union.
    (Later, in 2001, a delegation of the leadership of the Russian space program visited the composer and negotiated about further possibilities of the use of the laws of harmony in the space program of the cosmonauts for further joint research and development.)

    Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
    As a result doctors of the ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES OF UKRAINE and of the MEDICAL UNIVERSITY MINSK turned to the classical composer and musicologist Peter Hübner and asked him for medical music preparations as well as CD players, loudspeakers and headphones, to determine whether the application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music could be of help here in the nuclear disaster.

    Belarusian State Medical University
    Belarusian State Medical University

    Hereupon the creator of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and his friends put all their assets together and organized the purchasing of
    CD-Player Set
    CD-players, amplifiers, loud speaker boxes and headphones as well as the manufacturing of the CDs, and shipped the desired things. And the doctors at the large universities und research institutions in the concerned areas immediately began large-scale studies of the medical effects of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and the laws of harmony.

    The results were a complete surprise to everyone: the medical application of the laws of harmony brought about great improvements, especially in some key areas in which radioactive pollution caused health problems:

    • in the reproductive system
    • in the immune system
    • in the endocrine system
    • in the field of blood generation
    • in the cardiovascular system
    • in the nervous system
    • in the regeneration system
    • in the field of reducing psycho-physiological manifestations of STRESS

    In these areas, MRT-Music®, with the help of the harmony laws of nature, had great positive and objectively measurable effects on health.

    It should also be noted particularly, that in the context of longer-term studies
    a) the average use of chemical pharmaceutical drugs could be significantly reduced and/or they even could or had to be discontinued altogether, and
    b) that the hospital stay was generally shortened by 20-25%!


    Chief: Prof. A. G. REZNIKOV,
    M. D., Ph. D., Prof.,
    Member – Academy of Science of the Ukraine

    Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov
    Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Reznikov

    Member of the Academy of Science of the Ukraine as well as of the Academy of Science of New York is one of the leading hormone researchers of the former Soviet-Union.
    Since two decades he is the head of the laboratory for neurohormonal control of reproduction at the famous research Institute for neuroendocrinology in Kiew.
    This Institute is also research partner of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

    Professor Dr. Reznikov is author of several scientific books and a successful developer of drugs against cancer which yielded many high scientific awards and gave him an international reputation.

    He is also a visiting professor at the University of Dallas in the United States and the University of Toronto in Canada.
    But what Prof. Reznikov – director of the Department of Endocrinology of Reproduction and Adaptation, member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and of the New York Academy of Sciences, who had already worked successfully in the development of some cancer drugs – then found out in his investigations, really shook him, because suddenly and unexpectedly he came across a completely new type of drug here.

    He verified that one and the same “harmonic drug” lowered hormone levels in patients with too high levels but increased them in patients with too low levels.
    And the investigations showed that it was completely irrelevant whether someone liked the music, whether he was neutral about it or whether he even rejected it: the test results were always predictably the same.

    The same was also observed in the studies at the University in Minsk in relation to blood pressure: one and the same “harmonical medicament” which lowered too high blood pressure levels in patients, increased them in people with too low blood pressure levels.

    Medical Resonance Therapy Music And also these studies showed that it was completely irrelevant whether someone liked the music, whether he was neutral about it or whether he even rejected it: the test results were always predictably the same.
    And so it is only understandable that eventually large groups of researchers formed who continued the investigation and expanded it on more and more fields of medicine.

    The scientific research findings summarized by indication can be found in the world wide web here: link

    Medical Resonance Therapy Music But especially helpful Medical Resonance Therapy Music® proved for the pregnant women, for whose unborn children nuclear radiation is many times more dangerous than for adults.

    After the nuclear accident complications during pregnancy had dramatically increased in the affected areas and the premature birth rate had risen alarmingly.

    Medical Resonance Therapy Music Through the scientific application of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, or of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, the premature birth rate among the high-risk pregnant women – who due to the serious harming health effects after the reactor accident were in danger of losing their unborn children – could eventually be reduced from 14% to 6.2% – and later, related to all the pregnant women in the country, even down to 4.1%: and thus became by far the lowest value world wide.

    Medical Resonance Therapy Music For comparison:
    In the western industrial nations with allegedly “best” medical care the premature birth rate is on average around 10% and more (please see here the list of the World Health Organisation – WHO).

    If one wants to know, how dramatically the use of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is often experienced, it is worthwhile to read five short reports from medical professionals (pharmacists, doctors and medical professors). And if one does not know and understand, that the cause for the effects is the application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, one could very easily be inclined to consider them “miracles” – as sensationalist media do this.

    Read the reports very carefully – especially the nuclear accident needs such “miracles”:
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