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Research Fields in Detail

Courage to Face Life


Epilepsy Treatment

Epileptic Seizures


Gynaecological Surgery

Psycho-Emotional Stress

Manifestations of Stress

Radiation Sickness

OPH Syndrome

Vacuum Aspiration

Anxiety during Labour

Reduced Irritability in Diabetes Patients

Children with Diabetes

Psychovegetative Syndrome

Abstinence from Tranquilizers



Reducing Psycho-Emotional Stress in Pregnant Women with Somatic Disorders in the Last Month of Pregnancy

When the time of labor comes nearer many pregnant women experience increasing anxi­ety and/or emotional stress. These pa­rame­ters were measured by the help of the color choosing test of Luescher (H. Luescher 1994) in an experimental group of patients listening to Medical Resonance Therapy Music® in ad­di­tion to a conventional treatment with medical drugs and physio-therapeutic exercises and in a control group with the conventional treat­ment only.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® Group

In addition to the conventional treatment the 15 women in this group listened for seven days each day for one hour to the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® right after the physio-therapeutic exercises.

At the end of the treatment psychoemotional stress was lowered by 47%.
Control Group

This 10 women in this group received the conventional treatment “only” and no sig­nifi­cant changes in the status of the emotional stress level were documented.



Prof. Dr. med. A. Reznikov
Dr. med. A. Yakovlev