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Improvement of the Functional Asymmetry of the Brain in Epilepsy Sufferers

Investigated were 56 severely epileptic ill pa­tients in a special hospital for epilepsy.

In the experimental group 34 of these patients received in addition to the conventional thera­pies a treatment with Medical Resonance Ther­apy Music®, and in the control group 22 pa­tients received the conventional drug treat­ment only.

In all patients the individual profiles of the functional asymmetry of the brain (IPFA) were documented, which demonstrate the state of coordination of the different hemispheres of the brain and their disbalance.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® Group (Experimental Group)

The dynamics of the integral parameter (IPFA) was positive in 73,3% of the patients of this group, in 20% it was undefined and in 6,7% it was negative.

The changes of the IPFA values had dif­fer­ently directed shiftings depending on the ini­tial level, which was determined by the epi­lep­tic focus in the brain. Often a tendency to­wards a reduction of the coefficients of the right ear were observed – a parameter which mirrors the coordination of the hemispheres of the brain and which could demonstrate a predominant effect of this music on the func­tion of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Control Group

Here the dynamic of the IPFA-values was positive in 27,8% of the patients, undefined in 33,3% and negative in 38,9%.

Scientific Research on Medical Resonance Therapy Music
Dr. med. T. J. Teterkina
Prof. Dr. med. W. Sidorenko
Dr. med. A. S. Fedulow
Dr. med. G. A. Lukaschewitsch
Dr. med. G. W. Massalski

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