Peter Hübner

New Classical Composer
on the Road to International

Composer from Germany
with his Works
in the USA and China

Excerpts from an interview of the classical composer with Medical Media Group, compiled by the publisher for this special publication.

Medical Media Group: Mr. Hübner, how does it come, that this new branch of medi­cine, digital pharmaceutics, comes from Germany and not from the USA – whereas to­day all essential innovations in the field of science, specially in medicine, come from USA?

Peter Hübner: This idea of digital pharmaceutics comes originally from Greece and I refer here to the research and developments of the famous philosopher, mathemati­cian, musician, musicologist and medical doctor Pythagoras.



founder of our
scientific age –

he created the
for the utilization of
harmonically structured
music in medicine

Medical Media Group: Pythagoras lived 2.500 years ago – this is a long time ago!

Peter Hübner: His investigations and develop­ments, in particular in the microcosm of music, were the beginning of our scientifically-technically struc­tured age.
Practically all great researchers up to Albert Einstein received and receive essential mental stimulus from Pythagoras.

Medical Media Group: This is not known in general – that an individual man over such a long time, until to­day, can take such a decisive influence on the devel­opment of mankind.

Peter Hübner: It is certainly not an coincidence that this great humanist of European antiquity has coined those terms “mathematics”, “philosophy” and “cos­mos”. We have to thank Pythagoras in our present-day life for much more than the individual of us can be aware of.

However, also Pythagoras did not say of himself to be the first one to have investigated the harmony laws of the microcosm of music.
We know today, that in all high cultures of the world the great thinkers took a close look at them success­fully. But Pythagoras did this in our European culture and in such a way, that all of our present day scien­tific and technical world came from it.

Medical Media Group: Up to Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and to digital pharmaceutics – that pharmaceutics of the future.

Peter Hübner: Yes, in that respect Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, in its funda­mentals, does not come from Germany, since it is, in following Pythagoras, a result of systematic investigation into the microcosm of music.

There is a connection to Germany, of course, as I am German. But particular in my scientific investigation of the microcosm of music I use a lot of equipment and many developments from the USA, from Europe and from Asia.

From the pioneering times of the Micro Music Laboratories®