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Improvement of the Psychosomatic Status of Children Suffering from Radiation Sickness
Under investigation were 20 children from the area around the town of Gomel, which is con­tami­nated by radioactivity due to the nuclear accident of Chernobyl.

They stayed in hospital for 14 days and re­ceived every day a 30 minute treatment with Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. The psy­cho­so­matic status was evaluated by the help of the Spielberger-Khanin scale.

Prior to the treatment 59,1% of the children displayed great personal unrest, they felt great strain and grave worries about the pos­si­bil­ity of an unsuccessful outcome of the treat­ment of their illnesses.
Likely complications and side-effects arising from various forms of treatment produced nervous reactions in them.


The evaluation of the Spielberger-Khanin scale documented in all children:
  1. a clear release of stress
  2. a great reduction in fear about the possibility of an unsuccessful out­come of the treatment of the illness
  3. a decrease in worry and inhibitions and
  4. a decrease in nervous reactions

The percentage of children experiencing a high level of personal unrest fell from 59,1% to 22,7%.

It became obvious how through these re­duc­tions of fears and worries also the somatic dis­ease reduced and the children became health­ier.



Dr. med. L. Tkatschenko