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Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Peter Hübner – The Significance of the Soul in Human Evolution

In our mind we experience this lightning like sheet lightning – and very clearly we are reminded of the usual, known lightning in outer nature.
According to this inner human, cosmic phenomenon of light and lightning as well as the thunder connected with it our ancestors once named the Donnerstag – Thunderday (Thursday in English) – the day of cosmic thunderstorm.
All this I have described relatively in detail in the Democratic Manifesto, where you can read it up.

To enliven this ancient European tradition of Thunderday (Thursday): the deliberate kindling of this universal cosmic lightning in the sun of our self is the most important and successful step which we can make in the direction of natural health.
And only the setting-into-function of this activation of the inner light of life documents the success of meditation or Yoga.

NATURE MEDICINE CURRENT AFFAIRS:  Today so many kinds of meditation are offered – how shall you find the right one here?

Peter Hübner:  Most kinds of meditation offered in public today are not able to initiate this tradition of Thunderday (Thursday): that deliberate kindling of the inner light of light: that specific activation of vital energy in favor of health – in fact, they do not even strive for it.
In this respect it is here at best about blind experimenting or superstition – at least concerning the achievement of that meditation. By now all this is objectively verifiable with scientific means, and the scientific methods here are getting constantly better and more exact – especially in the field of medicine.

That for instance Jesus Christ but also Buddha or Lao-Tse and others were great masters specifically in this field of deliberately kindling the light of life and therefore achieved so great inner and outer healing successes, can easily be seen from the reports of the Bible as from the Buddhist traditions. Our present time has the advantage, that now with the scientific-technical methodology of modern medicine it is possible to verify such a success of kindling our inner light of life by means of objective science. And this evidence has been given in hundreds of scientific research studies in connection with Transcendental Meditation of the famous Indian sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – as also in more than 100 studies by now in connection with the application of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® as a successful method of meditation and Yoga.

A big advantage of kindling the natural light of life or of activating the radiation of the light of our self: of our vital energy, is also that this light of life, wherever it appears, by nature immediately and unsolicited wipes out impurities and creates natural harmony, or order, – down to the field of our physiology and thus: reduces and eliminates stress successfully.
Also this the mentioned objective studies proof in manifold ways.

Medical Music Preparations on CD
Digital Studio Recordings Under the Artistic, Scientific and Technical Direction of the Composer and Musicologist Peter Hübner
Listening Program:
Vital Energy

RRR 102 Harmony

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