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The Ear as a
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Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
Prof. Dr. med. Horst Koeditz — The Ear as a Medical Instrument
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Physician, musicologist, mathematician,
founder of our scientific age –
he created the pre-conditions
for utilising
harmonically structured music
in medicine.
And with this we now come to Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, which is structured entirely according to these laws of harmony of the microcosm of music. According to Pythagoras, in being structured in this way, it possesses the same harmonical order as the healthy body and can, therefore, help to reestablish new order in processes within the listener which have fallen into disarray and, in doing so, strengthen the natural health. In the opinion of ancient doctors, our organism reacts to music like a resonance or sounding body and, by means of the correctly structured music, its processes can be brought back into their natural order – that is to say, harmonized.

The scientific studies and clinical observations now available to us, document that Medical Resonance Therapy Music® also particularly strengthens our natural regulatory and recovery processes. This is particularly noticeable in the relief of the physical, mental and spiritual effects of stress. Today, in the area of stress relief, the medical music preparations from the Micro Music Laboratories® are even the most effective preparations known: 4 to 8 times as effective as any medication, as was pointed out at the 1995 World Health Organization Stress Conference. Today, with the help of these music preparations, medical science is able to treat that cause of illness – stress – in a simple and, above all, cost-effective way. When one thinks that stress plays a great, if not the decisive role in all psychologically influenced illnesses, then this age-old modern music medicine is assured of a successful future.

With headaches and sleeping disorders, for example, which can very often be traced back to stress, studies using these stress-relieving music preparations have shown an average success rate of 70-80%.

Many gynecological problems, various heart and circulatory disorders, metabolic disorders and skin problems could be improved, or indeed completely eliminated, with the help of the music. At objective parameters of surgical medicine, there was a clear reduction in the stress hormones (beta-endorphin, ACTH, cortisol), which was similarly observed in obstetrics. Positive observations in cases of threatened miscarriage with harmonization of the hormone levels are promising signs, as are the improvement in the powers of concentration and short-term memory in cases of arteriosclerotic encephalopathy. The reduction in the duration of in-patient treatment is a positive side-effect.

The healing effects on the contaminated child and adult victims of the Chernobyl disaster (25% after 2 weeks’ therapy with normal immunogram – humoral and cellular) released an international wave of solidarity. It would go outside the bounds of my talk, should I wish to name all the establishments which have been involved scientifically with the healing effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. They reach from Moscow, Minsk and Kiev, over Heidelberg, Berlin, Potsdam, Hoyerswerda and Leutenberg to Magdeburg, where we have been studying the effects of this music on premature babies and neonates, as well as older children with heart diseases.

“In the opinion of ancient doctors, our organism reacts to music like a resonance or sounding body and, by means of the correctly structured music, its processes can be brought back into their natural order – that is to say, harmonized.”
In my opinion, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is of particular significance for pediatric medicine, because, within the framework of their process of growth and the establishment of neuronal circuits, developing children require harmonical support to a far greater extent than adults do.

The first target group were premature babies. These exhibit minimal watchfulness, attentiveness, and readiness to react. Compared to full-term babies, they possess only a limited repertoire of behavior, are easily irritated, their reactions are, in part, disturbed and unpredictable. Their daily rhythm is also irregular. On the ward, the relationship between premature babies and their parents is like a vicious circle, as the mothers try to compensate for their children’s lack of responsiveness and attention with excessive stimulation, whilst the premature babies, on the other hand, withdraw as a form of self-protection. Therefore, our code of practice here reads: Support of the premature baby’s own possibilities, instead of assault with intensive medical intervention.

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