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M E D I C A L   R E S O N A N C E   T H E R A P Y   M U S I C®
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Research Fields Summary

Health of the Nervous System






Multiple Sclerosis



Arterial Nerves of the Arteries

Mental & Sensory Abilities

Cardiovascular Health

Health of the Hormone System

Health of the Immune System

Health of the Regenerative System

Healthy Sleep

Healthy Blood

Faster Recovery

Less Medication

Vital Energy


Release of STRESS


Women’s Health



Gynecological Surgery

Other Gynecological Problems

Children’s Health

Health of the Elderly

Health of Ear, Nose & Throat

Reduction of Pain




Health of the Skin



Health of Mind & Senses


Psychological Health

Release of STRESS


Reduction of Anxiety

Courage to Face Life

Reducing Negative Values

Strengthening Positive Values



Exposure to Radioactivity

Mother & Child



Scientific Studies and Clinical Observations – Summary
Health of the Regenerative System
Healthy Sleep
  • Normalization of sleep following surgery in 70%, compared to 57% in the medication group.

  • Significant reduction in sleep disorders in 81% of a group of female diabetes patients.

  • Reducing sleep disorders in pregnant women with somatic disorders in the last month of pregnancy: Before starting with the treatment, the frequency of sleep disorders was 86%, after the conventional treatment and the additional application of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® it was only 7%. In the control group: prior to treatment 50%, after treatment an increase to 80%.

  • Normalization of sleep in 61% of pregnant women, compared to 30% in the medication group.

  • Improvement of sleep in 77% of the pregnant women with a mild form of gestosis (OPH syndrome). Reducing the frequency of sleep disorders from 86% to 7%. In the control group an increase from 50% to 80%.

  • Activation of anti-oxidising processes in patients with severe radiation sickness and autonomic neural cerebrovascular disorders: Regression of spontaneous chemo-luminosity and malonic aldehyt levels in blood by 70% with a simultaneous rise in the erythroid resistance to peroxide of 52% and a harmonization of the amplitudinal characteristics of the electrical potentials of the skin. These parameters mark an effective reduction of stress.

  • Reducing sleep disorders in patients suffering from severe radiation disease with autonomic neural cerebrovascular disorders: Sleep disorders reduced dramatically: were the frequency of sleep disturbances on average by 95% before the treatment it reduced down to 17% after 10 days of treatment.

  • A Regular deep relaxation in patients with a psycho-vegetative syndrome: All patients reported of a regular and very deep relaxation as well as of a redeeming improvement of sleep. They experienced the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® as very comfortable and of strong effectiveness and characterized it as a kind of “healing music”.

  • Reduction of sleep disorders in patients with severe migraine: At the end of the clinical observation sleep had improved clearly in 43% of the patients.

  • Dispersion of stress in patients with severe migraines: 56% experienced a regular good relaxation, 43% a significantly improved sleep and 31% a reduction in migraine attacks.

  • Release of psycho-physiological manifestations of stress in older patients with atherosclerotic encephalopathy: The patients experienced very often a deep muscular relaxation combined with a sensation of warmth and with ease and sleepiness. Furthermore the symptoms “bad mood”, “lethargy”, “tension” and “touchiness” were significantly reduced or even completely released. Over and over again they reported of a release of stress, of the acquisition of distance from unpleasant things, the experience of gentleness, inner peace, a kind of freedom from care and a spiritual state of mind.

  • Normalization of sleep in 61.5% of the female patients, compared to 33% in the control group.

  • Normalization of sleep after gynecological surgery: After surgery the women complained of sleep disorders. Under treatment with Medical Resonance Therapy Music® 70% of them experienced a normalization of sleep, compared to 57% in the medication group.

  • Reducing sleep disorders in diabetes patients: 13 of the patients (81%) reported of a significant reduction of their sleep disorder.

  • Improvement of sleep in 77% of the pregnant women with a mild form of gestosis (OPH syndrome). Reducing the frequency of sleep disorders from 86% to 7%. In the control group an increase from 50% to 80%.

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