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ペーター・ヒューブナー - マイクロ・ミュージック研究所

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Boris Luban-Plozza

On Peacefulness

The Social-Medical Significance of
Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c.
Boris Luban-Plozza

Professor by title
University Heidelberg
Honorary President
European Union
for Social Medicine

His refreshing commitment to man­kind has brought Prof. Luban-Plozza the International Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanities, awarded to him in the USA ‘for hu­mani­tar­ian contributions and pio­neer­ing achievements in the field of medical and musical therapy’.

Today, Prof. Dr. Luban-Plozza is head of the Internationale Balint-Dokumentationszentrum founded by him at Monte Verit in Ascona in southern Switzerland.

He is author and co-author of vari­ous scientific works.

Hardly any one of us still manages to be alone with himself in the reality of his natural inner peace; for as soon as he reflects upon himself, his soul tries, as with nightmares, to free itself from the murderous “noise”, to shake off the stress again.
This “noise” molestation is a terrible thing. It has, at any rate, been dis­cussed and written about clearly enough. It is about time we were all aware of it.

One thing is certainly true: for the in­di­vid­ual, peacefulness remains a timeless reality of great therapeutic value. Peacefulness is an important pre­req­ui­site for those who, through music, wish to regenerate themselves in a nourishing and satisfying way.

Now, we must not be fooled. Even “light music”, which its promoters claim will generate relaxation, reflection and dreaming, but which at the same time employs, albeit subtly, the rhyth­mi­cally fixed structural laws of frigid noise, is like a creeping poison, and no better than the blaring rock and pop music which numbs in the style of the sledge-hammer method.

If music is to bring life to the peacefulness and invigorate our inner human energies, then it must be naturally structured – both tonally and rhythmically! – that is, free from all unnatural rhythmic fixation – absolutely independent of whether the music resounds loudly or quietly.

It is true that excessively loud music kills our physiological hearing ability, but unnaturally structured music – even when played very quietly – kills our psychological hearing capability and, particularly through the fixed rhythm method common in rock, pop and light-entertainment music, blunts both our intellect and therefore our feelings – which unfortunately then systematically drives the youth of today into a process of brutalization. The growing criminality amongst young people is hardly surprising.

“If music is to bring life to the peacefulness and invigorate our inner human energies, then it must be naturally structured – both tonally and rhythmically! – that is, free from all unnatural rhythmic fixation – absolutely independent of whether the music resounds loudly or quietly.”
The Music must align itself in harmony with the natural rhythms of our pulsating individual, social and ecological life.
The harmony of our human biological system, which accords with the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music, has been studied by the world renowned medical researcher Prof. Dr. Gunther Hildebrandt, one of the founders of Chronomedicine and the long-standing head of the Institute for Occupational Physiology and Rehabilitation Research at the University of Marburg. Based on his research findings, he has identified the human body as nothing short of a “music physiology”.

Today medical studies of this kind inspire the composer Peter Hübner to still wider reaching artistic musical creations in his Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. So, amongst well-known musicians, he is the one who produces musical creations which integrate the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music in a tonal and rhythmic way – and in doing so, he runs counter to all other contemporary musical trends.

This Medical Resonance Therapy Music® gradually makes it possible for us noise-molested people to get in touch again with the silence of our soul, our heart and our free will, and to experience anew the harmonic, dynamic development of our inner human energies. This takes place in a kind of laboratory of our free feelings and desires, as if the dynamic silence of the evolution of our inner human energies were the result of a scientific experiment, which occurs when listening to this proto-natural music in a particular place and under particular conditions.

The effect that this music has comes close to the original significance of music: there is the person with his attentiveness and with his inner vital reality; he wishes that his thoughts and feelings, having been churned up during the day, would turn themselves, deep within him, into harmonic creative energy – like a soothing echo.

With these Medical Resonance Therapy Music® creations, one can free oneself from the destructive din of machine-dominated everyday life and from the rhythmically fixed music which is orientated on it and which so overpowering enshrouds us wherever we are.

In the peace created by this health-orientated music, we can once again recognize that we are alive and realize that our peace fills the richness of the newly created musical sound-sphere – as Peter Hübner calls it – that world of music deep in our thoughts, where we can find ourselves again.

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RRR 102 Harmony


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