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The Future of Pharmaceutics

Peter Hübner



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
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Peter Hübner – The Future of Pharmaceutics
“The coming together of modern musicology and medicine as an organically grown field, in which the object of scientific study – man – encompasses mind, body and spiritual state, ought to represent an essential key in performing the task of modern medicine.”
Peter Hübner
Mu­sic & Na­ture: A few more ques­tions to finish. In gen­eral terms, how do you com­pare medi­cal prepa­ra­tions from Mi­cro Mu­sic La­bo­ra­to­ries® and the cor­re­spond­ing phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prepa­ra­tion?

Peter Hübner: The meth­ods we fol­low in the Mi­cro Mu­sic La­bo­ra­to­ries® mean that for each prepa­ra­tion, we cre­ate a har­monic ba­sic stock of the most var­ied mu­si­cal struc­tures which in terms of how they can be in­te­grated and also how they re­late to each other, rep­re­sent some sort of uni­fied field in which only later the re­quired de­tail will be un­der­lined and will be­come evi­dent by its medi­cal ef­fect. We do not strive to achieve an in­di­vid­ual iso­lated ef­fect. Since from the point of view of na­ture, there is no such thing – it would still pro­duce side ef­fects – at least in bio­logi­cal sys­tems.   Re­al­is­ti­cally I can never just try to achieve a  de­sired  ef­fect, but must al­ways con­sider the side ef­fects and again all of their counter ef­fects from the outset: I must go about this in the same way as na­ture it­self does:

Na­ture firstly cre­ates a per­son, and then his warts as an ex­pres­sion of an in­te­gral mal­func­tion of the most var­ied proc­esses, which have a hi­er­ar­chi­cal or­der. Na­ture doesn`t first cre­ate the wart and then with the help of its mal­func­tions, the per­son. Chem­ists should not har­bour the idea of be­ing able to treat the wart with­out treat­ing the per­son as a whole. The wart is con­nected to all parts of the hu­man body – i.e. as all parts of the hu­man body are con­nected to the wart. Any in­flu­ence ex­erted on the wart also af­fects eve­ry other part of the body and also the psy­che and spirit – i.e. the per­son as a whole.

When treat­ing the wart, the un­trained doc­tor will natu­rally think that he only in­flu­ences the wart or mainly the wart and per­haps other parts of the pa­tient as only a side ef­fect. But who or what has told him that this is how it really is? Only his own vis­ual im­pres­sion!

But by tak­ing a closer look at the in­ter­nal func­tions of his pa­tient`s body as a whole, it would soon be­come ob­vi­ous that he was mis­taken, that very proba­bly other parts of the body were se­ri­ously af­fected – e.g. the brain – rather than sim­ply the one rela­tively in­sig­nifi­cant, ugly wart – and with many long-term con­se­quences. This view­point can pos­si­bly ex­plain many brain mal­func­tions; en­tire mal­func­tions of the body have been cre­ated from the sum of rela­tively in­sig­nifi­cant in­flu­ences on lo­cal­ised physi­cal mal­func­tions. Mod­ern medi­cine is just learn­ing that the hu­man body must be treated ho­lis­ti­cally ac­cord­ing to its ob­jec­tive sci­en­tific bench­marks and to focus on de­tail from the situa­tion as a whole. Medi­cal Reso­nance Ther­apy Mu­sic® and phar­ma­ceu­tics too must help in this re­spect.

“With each preparation, we create a harmonic basic stock of the most varied musical structures which in terms of how they can be integrated and also how they relate to each other, represent some sort of unified field.”
Peter Hübner
But in the same way as Medi­cal Reso­nance Ther­apy Mu­sic®, phar­ma­ceu­tics too can only pursue this path of knowl­edge by us­ing har­moni­cally struc­tured prepa­ra­tions. This great phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal chal­lenge is on the edge of mod­ern medi­cine and it will suc­cess­fully pursue this chal­lenge with the help of Medi­cal Reso­nance Ther­apy Mu­sic® and un­der pres­sure of the medi­cal per­form­ance of Medi­cal Reso­nance Ther­apy Mu­sic® – the quicker the bet­ter; for medi­cine, for pa­tients, for doc­tors and for phar­ma­ceu­tics. Like the pre­vi­ously de­scribed situa­tion, a phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prod­uct which is not har­moni­cally struc­tured will have the same in­flu­ence on  the  hu­man  body  as a  har­moni­cally un­struc­tured mu­si­cal prod­uct, tend­ing to­wards un­natu­ral struc­tur­ing and given the in­te­gral hu­man unit, also on the thought proc­ess as a whole.

And even if a chemi­cal prod­uct has a lesser ef­fect on the struc­ture of thought than the in­flu­ence of mu­sic, the non-har­moni­cally struc­tured phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prepa­ra­tion – like the non-har­moni­cally struc­tured mu­sic – con­trib­utes to the crea­tion of spiri­tual con­di­tions for a per­son`s own de­struc­tion like de­struc­tion of the en­vi­ron­ment.

This fi­nal eco­logi­cal issue is an­other rea­son for phar­ma­ceu­tics to start cre­at­ing har­moni­cally struc­tured prepa­ra­tions. And I do be­lieve that this would mean lower costs for pro­duc­ing phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prepa­ra­tions too.

Mu­sic & Na­ture: Well I am get­ting con­fused now. Can fur­ther de­vel­op­ments in pro­duc­ing phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prepa­ra­tions with an all-en­com­pass­ing ef­fect be cheaper than pro­duc­ing sim­ple prepa­ra­tions with spe­cific ef­fects?

Peter Hübner: Of course. You need only com­mer­cial life, with­out the knowl­edge of sim­ple mathe­mati­cal rules. Take the "Times tables" out of the area of fi­nance and we will end up in an eco­nomic crisis. The crea­tion of an ex­ter­nal or­der al­ways es­sen­tially de­pends on the crea­tion of an in­ter­nal or­der. The crea­tion of an eco­nomic or­der is there­fore linked es­sen­tially to the crea­tion of a sim­ple mathe­mati­cal or­der.

This sim­ple mathe­mati­cal or­der can be easy enough for a child in be­tween years one and four at school to un­der­stand and the eco­nomic or­der so com­plex that even thou­sands of adult sci­en­tists can­not find the an­swer.

Now get rid of a few of these sci­en­tists and a few of their theo­ries, it might have very lit­tle ef­fect on the eco­nomic sys­tem as a whole, in fact it may not be no­tice­able at all. But get rid of the mathe­mati­cal knowl­edge of the nine-year old child and eve­ry­one no­tices. So you see that sim­ple knowl­edge is enough to main­tain the foun­da­tion of very com­plex or­ders and that if this sim­ple knowl­edge were to dis­ap­pear, such large or­ders could very quickly lead to chaos.
Har­monic knowl­edge is about knowl­edge of the laws, which jointly form the basis of all lev­els of or­der in na­ture.

It would seem that eve­ry­thing which hap­pens in na­ture is held to­gether or in­te­grated by uni­ver­sal laws of har­mony – from the physi­cally in­ter­nal or­der of the small­est par­ti­cles and atoms, ele­ments and their com­pounds, bio­logi­cal sys­tems, through to the or­der of the gal­ax­ies. The great think­ers, re­search­ers and sci­en­tists of all time have felt bound by this knowl­edge and many of them have achieved proof here in their own spe­cial­ist fields. And great think­ers, phi­loso­phers and edu­ca­tion­al­ists have al­ways been con­vinced that this situa­tion also ap­plies to our in­ner hu­man abili­ties; the fact that our thoughts, feel­ings, con­sci­ence and will and also our senses: hear­ing, touch, sight, taste and smell is ruled by the same uni­ver­sal laws of har­mony as rule the en­tire cos­mos.
Our age seems to have the task of find­ing proof for whether this the­ory is right or wrong and has al­ready taken the first steps, in mod­ern medi­cine.

Mu­sic & Na­ture: Herr Huebner, many thanks for this in­ter­view.

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